How does uranium series dating work

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This is the core of the Uranium-Series laboratory.

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Its primary mission is to date geological and archaeological samples, along with participating in uranium-series geochemistry research, techniques and analytical methods. The uranium-series carbonate dating method is based on the elemental fractionation between the elements of natural radioactive decay chains, due to the different geo chemical behavior of uranium and thorium in the atmosphere. This is key to dating methods based on uranium-series disequilibrium.

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As a result, water usually contains dissolved uranium but not thorium. Due to the natural decay of uranium, the radioactive equilibrium tends to recover over time, breaking down the uranium and forming its daughters which, in turn, participate in other disequilibriums of the same decay chain. Thus, based on the extent of the isotope ratios between the species of the decay chains, and taking into that it is well known that the decay rate is time-dependent, it is possible to establish the time that has elapsed since the formation of the material subject to dating.

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In practice, our method is based on the separation and purification of the uranium and thorium from the materials subject to dating, through acid attacks and ion exchange resin separation, and accurate measurements of the isotope ratios of the elements uranium and thorium. In this manner, we can date back to up to thousand years.

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Facilities and equipment. Metal-free Clean Room with two clean rooms and 8 work cupboards.

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There are two sub-boiling acid distillers. Applications and Services. Uranium Series Laboratory Technician.

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Postdoctoral Researcher: Uranium Series Dating.

How does uranium series dating work

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