How do you hook up a vacuum pump

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Effective dehydration prior to charging a system with refrigerant takes valuable time and time is money. As a manufacture of high vacuum pumps for over 40 years we find many problems experienced in the field are due to misunderstanding of vacuum principles. We are often asked to supply a big vacuum pump because the job is big. There are three considerations which will determine whether a vacuum pump is suitable for the application. Size is not as important as we might expect; a bigger pump is not a faster pump. The size of a pump is determined by swept volume, in other words the amount of free air that the pump can clear in a set time.

The depth of vacuum is the best vacuum the pump will achieve, measured at the inlet when blanked off.

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The pump down curve is engineered in to the de of the pump and allows it achieve a deep dehydrating vacuum after clearing the initial volume. These days two sage vacuum pumps specify figures of. This is a pretty impressive outer-space vacuum and is more than adequate for dehydrating water vapour.

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To dehydrate water vapour effectively a specific depth of vacuum must be achieved and if the pump does not quite reach this area of operation on a system it will not dehydrate efficiently. Another issue is water condensing in the oil. Opening the gas ballast valve is vital in the early stages of evacuation as this works to keep the oil water free by destroying the vacuum after the sliding vanes have swept the inlet port of the pump.

The water is not allowed to condense in the pump and is driven out of the oil box in the form of vapour. If an electronic vacuum gauge is attached to the farthest available point of a system it will provide information not available from a mechanical Torr gauge. A mechanical Torr gauge relies on pump running time and a pressure rise test, which obviously works but relies on the skill and experience of the engineer.

In order to be confident with our vacuum gauge we must be confident that our vacuum pump is performing to its optimum. Connecting a vacuum pump to a system is usually done through How do you hook up a vacuum pump refrigeration manifold; this may be fine on small systems but detrimental on larger systems. Vacuum starts at Unlike positive pressure there is no potential under vacuum for the molecules to leave the system and exit the vacuum pump. Initially we will get a flow through the pump.

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If the system is leak tight it will stop after a time. By reducing the pressure we reduce the boiling point, allowing any moisture to gas off. The distance between the molecules as they thin out is the vacuum. As the molecules thin out there is no potential for them to leave the system. They tend to buzz about and collect in the furthest points of the system, which is why we see differing vacuums at localised points; the higher the collection of molecules the higher the pressure. The best vacuums will be at the pump inlet which is why it is not useful to fit a vacuum gauge here.

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Eventually the molecules may equalise out but not if they have to navigate through a restrictive manifold and down a long thin hose, cluttered with obstructions like Schrader valves and depressors. Increasing vacuum hose diameters and removing obstructions will reduce vacuum times by hours and in some cases days. Using the correct vacuum set up on a large system we have reduced an acceptable five day evacuation down to two days and achieved a much better vacuum.

Understanding how to connect a vacuum pump and the principle of efficient evacuation can save time and effort as well as extending the life of our equipment. Any enquiries to [ protected] or call So how do we make our vacuum pump our best friend and not our enemy?

Deate the pump and connections as a separate piece of equipment.

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Keep it away from manifolds. Use the gas ballast in the early stages until the oil stops emulsifying. Use short large diameter hoses and in-line Schrader valve removers.

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Always ensure that the refrigerant is removed completely and not frozen in the back of the system, otherwise it will lift the oil out of the pump and cause a seizure if left unattended; invalidating the warranty. our mailing list. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits.

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How do you hook up a vacuum pump

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