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Whether you are looking for romantic stories of southern bells longing for lost lives or steamy, hot romance stories, PublicBookshelf has free online romance novels to meet your romance reading needs. Today's romance novels are not your mother's romance novels. While some titles still center on lonely women longing for lost loves, today's authors are more likely to include career driven heroines or vampires searching for love in all the wrong places.

There are many types of romance novels - historical, erotic, paranormal, multicultural, inspirational, suspense, and contemporary romance.

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Each type typically follows the format of traditional romantic stories, but writers today can add their own personal twist and put the hero and heroine in any situation at any place and time. While the core of any good romantic book is the budding relationship between two characters, don't be surprised if you find some awesome action sequences or side-splitting humor subplots. It is through these attention-grabbing scenes that the characters are allowed to grow and learn more about each other. After all, real life is more than romance, and books typically mirror real life in the most important aspects.

: [1] 2 3. Cade is a young teenage boy with trust issues. He's sitting in the center of town by himself like the loner he is. As he's sitting, he notices a short girl on a motorcycle.

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After getting a better look at this girl he realizes it is his long lost childhood friend. But somethings different : RomanceInspirational RomanceBookies. It is the Russia at the beginning of the s and s. This is a story about the dashing nineties and the people who lived that time. And this is a work about equestrian sport and its dark side The main line of the novel is unconventional sexual orientation. Steve a fifteen year old boy experiences the ups and downs of Love when he falls for a high class teenage girl. : RomanceContemporary RomanceBookies.

: RomanceOther Fiction. My family has a tradition that men and women of our family can't have any relationship untill our eightteen years. But during a meeting with my fathers's bussiness partner l knew about three ploblems that shocked me. But his love is sinful. How can true love be a sin? Will Kai be able to overstep his principles for the sake of love? What happens when they meet after several years? Who said the novel is dead; 'Benign Flame' raises the bar. Whats a girl got to do when she runs into the guy who left her at the altar with his new fiancee? I kiss a random stranger to make a point.

Ha take that! Only the guy I just kissed is no ordinary guy and he is about to make an offer I can't refuse When her world crashed down to nothing leaving her with a sister to fend and protect, Grace moved from being the daughter of rich business man to a stripper. Not just protective but also possessive, Kunle an arrogent multi billionaire meets his match a stripper who is not ready to bend to his rules. Book 2 History Interrupted The past is waiting. Josie Jackson has been thrown back to the era of the Mongol Empire by Carter, the mastermind behind her trip to the Old West. Soon after arriving, she's discovered by Carter's enemies.

I live near Washington, D. A proud geek, I love fantasy, romance, science fiction, and historical fiction. Home ยป Romance Read Free Romance Novels Whether you are looking for romantic stories of southern bells longing for lost lives or Hot romance stories to read online, hot romance stories, PublicBookshelf has free online romance Hot romance stories to read online to meet your romance reading needs. Rating: 4. Currently 4.

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Platform Begovaya. Book I. Rating: 2. Currently 2. I am married. Rating: 3. Currently 3. My strange friend. Flame of Love. Loving A Stripper. Write Now. Bookies are here! Write your own book.

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Hot romance stories to read online

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