Hook up 8 ohm speakers

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Log in Register. Search titles only. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Change style. Close Menu. Connecting 2 8ohm speakers to an 8ohm amp. DutchGuitarDude Member. Messages 1, Can this be done? I have a boss katana w I would like to use the internal speaker and an external speaker on gigs at the same time. Is there a device to do this.

So keep both speakers total at 8 ohm? HotBluePlates Member. Messages 11, Steppin' Wolfe Silver Supporting Member. Messages 5, From the manual Less than that will jeopardize the amp Messages 19, Messages In other words it won't immediately blow up, but over time you will hurt the amp. You can go the other way Connecting a 4 ohm load to your 8 ohm output will have negative long term consequences to the amp. Yeah an 4 ohm load would fry the amp.

It must be possible somehow. I already have a switch jack in my combo for Hook up 8 ohm speakers external. Somehow getting both speakers on and 8ohm must be doable. Since the manual says your can run at 16ohm. Here is my suggestion. When I took the cabinet apart to install some new speakers I found that it was wired to the type of connection at the bottom.

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So it can be done with some customizing on your part. So you'd basically run at 8 ohms with the internal speakers and then it would jump to 16 ohms when you plug it in using that series jack. It would take a bit of work on your end finding Hook up 8 ohm speakers diagram and then confirming the ohms with a multi-meter to ensure that everything is working as it should before firing up the amp. I've been meaning to do the same thing with my tubemiester 18w head. I have two 1x12 cabs that both run at 8ohm, so I need to customize one cab with Hook up 8 ohm speakers similar setup as my ADA cab, so I can run them both at the same time at 16ohms.

Messages 3, There is a device that Weber sells called a z-matcher that allows you to match impendences between amps and cabs that don't match. Since you're using one internal and one external that probably wouldn't help though. How about buying a 16 ohm speaker for the Katana and the second cab put in a 16 ohm speaker? GAT said:.

Can't you make a series box that would do the job? I think Mesa made one for me a few years ago. They don't look hard to do. IM4Tone Member. Messages 4, Here is a UK version. I don't no much about, but have an interst in it. This is because a series connection makes at least one of the shield connections hot.

You dont want this to short to any other ground connected cable. You probably wont lose much power with the Katana. A 8 ohm load on a K delivers 60 watts continuous and a 16 ohm load 49 watts continuous power. Thanks for the link! Very helpful.

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Hook up 8 ohm speakers

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How To Wire Two 8 Ohm Speakers To Equal 8 Ohms