Hanoi zip postal code

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Firstly, the postal code of Vietnam or Vietnam Zip code is a string of letters, s or combinations of them. Which is added to the mailing address to automatically determining the final destination of mails or parcels sent overseas?

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Each country has its system of postal code symbols. Each postal code in a country, denotes a unique postal territory.

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Secondly, the postal code in Vietnam is a 6-digit sequence. The first two digits identify the name of a province or city directly under the central government, the next two digits identify the district code, district, town, cities under provinces.

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And the next identifies wards, communes and towns and the last identifies the specific hamlet, hamlet, street or object. Thirdly, Vietnam does not have a national postal code. On this will give you the exact postal code for the 63 provinces and cities in the country.

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According to the Vietnam Post Corporation of Vietnam. Zip Postal code of 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam Postal code of Saigon districts Zip code of Hanoi urban districts. Alex Truong.

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Hanoi zip postal code

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Postal codes in Vietnam