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Many are drawing comparisons between the new reboot and the original series, citing how there Gossip girl charaters been many improvements since the Gossip girl charaters installment, including how the cast has become more diverse and inclusive. Another thing viewers are comparing left and right is the character lineup; with the OG show's iconic group of Upper East Siders, it can be hard to bring in a new crowd under the shadow of the establishing cast. Luckily, the essence of the characters that fans loved for five years is still there.

These new Constance students are unique in their own right, but they definitely exude some energy from their predecessors. Like Serena, Julien is bright and bubbly and, sometimes, naively optimistic about people. Julien is also one of the rare characters who welcomes people into her world and doesn't view her society as a closed community. However, also similar to Serena, there are two sides to the teenage socialite, and stress and jealousy can bring out Julien's scheming and more destructive sides.

Julien wants to remain top of the social ladder and would do anything to make sure she doesn't lose it. This is likely because the strained relationships she has with their parents often make her crave acceptance and approval from their family which was often echoed in Serena and Lily's relationship. Julien is certainly an interesting character and fans are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for her.

Like Dan, Zoya is an outsider in a more proverbial way, although the two are quick targets of both Gossip Girl and the other students. Zoya and Dan resent upper society whilst also wanting to be a part of Gossip girl charaters. Zoya's not nearly as callous as some of her classmates, but she is also enamored by the clothes, parties, and one socialite in particular--which sounds very familiar to Dan's introduction to the Upper East Side.

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On the other hand, some fans have also recognized a couple of parallels to Vanessa. Zoya is probably one of the kindest characters in the series, often coming to the defense of the teachers and anyone who may be getting bullied.

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Like Vanessa, she also has an avid interest in political activism and wants to do whatever she can to change the world and with her having a mixture of Vanessa and Dan's qualities, it's not hard to see how she would succeed. The clearest parallel of them all is the one between Max and Chuck. As one of the most likable characters in the Gossip Girl rebootMax has certainly Gossip girl charaters the fan's appraisal by choosing not to follow the Upper East Side social rules and choosing to live the life he wants.

Similar to Chuck, Max has slow, sultry speech and can often be seen flirting with several characters. He is also shown to be nonchalant about his studies because he feels like they won't do him any good once he graduates. However, the biggest similarity the fans have seen between Max and Chuck is how they avoid talking about their problems with both characters often using parties as a Gossip girl charaters. With Max's family drama still unresolved at the end of season 1, could he follow the same dark path Chuck did in season 2? Much like Blair, Audrey aims for classic beauty and style look, sporting Bridgitte Bardot bangs and a classic red lip.

She also has a troublesome relationship with her clothing deer mother who is in the middle Gossip girl charaters a divorce. While Blair had some of the most savage lines on Gossip GirlAudrey has proven to be just as harsh too. Like Blair, she doesn't warm up well to people; but when she does, she can be fiercely loyal and even the mom of the group because she likes to take care of people. She starts off the show in a relationship that's clearly run its course, even though she's clinging to it. The single dad of the show's "Dan," Nick is like Rufus in a lot of ways.

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Family comes first, always, and he thinks that rules and familial expectations should come before anything else. He, like Rufus, doesn't want his kids engrossed in the inner world of the Upper East Side for fear of them losing themselves.

Gossip girl charaters has a high moral ground, and lying to him carries a hefty cost. However, he can sometimes come off a bit too strong, especially when he wants to control his daughter's dating life. He can be really harsh and strict, but he can also come around to new ideas and be flexible at the end of the day. Davis is as detached from his daughter as Lily usually was with her children on the original show.

Being the more wealthy and famous parents of the core cast, both Davis and Lily have had a past of being fairly absent for a lot of the children's formative years. For Lily, her distraction mainly came as a result of a need to maintain a social Gossip girl charaters and for Davis, it's his work. They also both have a hard time being honest and open with their children, choosing instead to keep secrets about the inner workings of their lives. Lily kept the secret of Serena's half-brother and her illness, and Davis kept the secret of his girlfriend from Julien.

It's likely that the writers will explore Julien and Davis' relationship in future seasons. Kate Keller and Jenny Humphrey both want to dissolve the high school hierarchy, but they lose themselves to do it. Jenny was stuck on a pedestal and thought that she was better than Blair, Serena, and their whole clique.

Kate, similarly, thinks of herself as being above the "cool" students that she teaches at Constance, even when she's actively being mocked and targeted by them. Instead of rising above the schemers at the school, both characters end up stooping to the level of the people that they're at war with and doing things that they're not proud of to get ahead socially. They also both consequently know the true identity of Gossip Girl fairly early on due to their personal connection. Although Jenny was one of the characters who redeemed herself by the end of Gossip Girlfans don't have high hopes for Kate and feel like she has a long way to go to get back into the fans' good graces.

Obie is the easy-going kind of rich kid who is genuinely nice, with Nate's golden retriever type personality. Nate never acted ridiculously wealthy and was quick to befriend both Dan and Vanessa when they came to town. He's not big on social image and really wants to genuinely get to know someone.

A bit like Serena too, he's not big on Gossip Girl since it often sees him at the center of attention due to his titlewhich is why he chooses to distance himself from all of the shenanigans that she brings about. However, as fans know, that never works.

By having both Nate and Serena's characteristics, fans predict that there is endless drama to come. Both Eric and Nate were the least involved in drama on the original airing of Gossip Girlalthough Eric was a part of Gossip girl charaters love triangle between Jenny and her boyfriend at one point on the show. Love triangles are a sometimes controversial Gossip Girl themeand Aki starts right in the middle of one between Audrey, Max, and himself. Eric was also one of the quieter members of the Upper East Side, keeping mostly to himself and Aki has that same energy.

But, he's also a loyal and willing best friend, like Nate, and he goes along with Max's plans to support him. Aki also offers up a lot of sage advice, and Eric was definitely an ear to many of the characters on the original series. Luna has the familiar Gossip girl charaters disdain that Penelope did while she was a sidekick to Queen B. She's not shy about her distaste for anything that doesn't belong in her world, and she's quick to snarkily share that sentiment. Like Penelope, Luna's intensely loyal to her ruler and prefers to be above it all and everyone instead.

She knows almost everyone's business at Constance and would do everything she can to make sure that she succeeds in life. Also similar to Penelope, Luna's not afraid of hurting the other characters' feelings Gossip girl charaters reputation - especially if it benefits her. Fans will have to keep an eye on her next season.

Monet is not your average catty high school girl; she is a schemer, through and through. Her talent for a sneaky phone swap or teacher blackmail would be more akin to Blair than Georgina if it weren't for her lust for destruction. Monet wants to watch the world burn and have a first-row seat to the show. She regularly suggests ruining people's lives as solutions, and she primarily looks out for herself before anyone else.

When she believes that Julien is ruining her chance at a successful future, she doesn't hesitate to betray her to Bianca and Pippa. Fans would certainly agree this kind of callous self-preservation is a trademark Georgina Sparks move. Amanda is a Writer for Screen Rant, using her love of binge watching movies and television to make lists of everyone's favorite moments, theories, and recommendations. She also got to flex her comedy muscles writing for the Sack of Troy, USC's second best satirical newspaper. A la pandemic, Amanda's been based out of Ohio to be closer to her family.

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