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Spoiler alert : Gold Coast's legendary adult entertainment industry has officially been shut down until further notice due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Of course if money is no object, we're sure you can find your way around this, because, let's be honest, the law doesn't apply to the wealthy elite. But for the rest of us working class folks, the forced shutdown is an excellent excuse to jump into the future of online sexy time and register for a free at our favourite web cam site here. Or alternatively you can try your luck with some local ladies in your own city with this Gold coast cheap escorts NSFW online dating site.

Will you find love? Probably not, but if love is what you're looking for you also probably wouldn't have ended up on our here. The Gold Coast may be one of the most popular family-oriented destinations in all of Australia, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of options when it comes entertainment of the adult variety.

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To start with, in Surfers Paradise there are several gentlemen's clubswith one particular venue taking the crown as the best of its type in town and perhaps in the whole country. For those interested in more intimate encounters, you'll be happy to hear that prostitution is legal in the state of Queensland, although it's also highly regulated by several state bodies, including the Prostitution Licencing Authority.

If you'd like to read the whole Prostitution Act of you can find it here [Editor's note: the link is real, but also rhetorical]otherwise the short explanation is that prostitution is legal in two forms, namely, at registered, licenced brothels and through private sex workers who are strictly independent. The former are obviously the safer options both in terms of health and personal security, while rates are usually lower with independent escortswho can also legally do outcalls one of the many prohibitions placed on brothels.

We obviously highly recommend sticking to what's legal, not only because we'd likely get in some trouble ourselves if we didn't, but because it's the smartest, safest, most moral way to go about things and will guarantee that your holiday doesn't have an unpleasant ending.

Is your interest piqued? Of course it Gold coast cheap escorts, or you wouldn't still be reading this far down on the ! Well before you head out on that quest for the woman of your dreams for tonightwe should also mention that like everything else in Australia, intimate company on the Gold Coast doesn't come cheap. Need some cash? We highly recommend using Transferwisewhich is the easiest and cheapest way to send and receive money in Gold coast cheap escorts of countries, and our preferred method for funnelling earnings back to our various totally legal bank s.

Gold Coast. About Gold Coast Basics. Shopping Shopping Centres. That is some first class entertainment and performance art right here! Only the best at Gold Coast's strip clubs. Go ahead and spoil yourself and get that six-hand massage, you won't regret it unless your missus finds out, so best to pay cash.

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Strip Clubs. Choose District. Surfers Paradise. Associated Venues. Register for a free at our favourite web cam site here. Or alternatively …. The site has a …. Wharf Rd, Broadbeach. Take your guide with you Download a pdf. Put our app in your pocket.

Gold coast cheap escorts

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