Girlfriend used to hook up with friend

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Recently something was brought up in our relationship, and I just want to know your honest opinion. It feels like it could be a potential problem in the relationship in the future.

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Am I overthinking too much? There are several things I want to unpack here. ificant others staying friends with people they slept with is definitely an awkward situation. I know it feels uncomfortable for you. First off, you have every right to your feelings. Do they hang out in person or do they just follow each other on social media? Does your boyfriend frequently message them? And more importantly, what was their relationship like before they slept together? Were they friends? Or was it a random hook up?

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His friendships should be respected, but chatting with girls on social media just because they once hooked up, is disrespectful. Because the fact is, people sleep with their friends all the time. Your boyfriend is choosing to date you, not them. Dating and sleeping together are a lot different. Now, back to your feelings around all of this. Your best bet is to have another conversation with your boyfriend, and how you handle it depends on how you answer my question about the nature of their friendship.

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Maybe that means asking him to only hang out with them in group settings. Or perhaps that could look like you meeting them so you can at least know who they are. I write for the hopeful romantics of the world. Relationship and self-improvement advice without the BS. Ask iris. Want your question answered by iris? Send it in here! posts by this author. Kirstie Taylor I write for the hopeful romantics of the world. The link has been copied!

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Girlfriend used to hook up with friend

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Platonic Friendships Are Possible (and Important)