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SORA training classes are typically offered on a weekly basis throughout the state.

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Please visit our SORA registration for exact dates, times, and prices. Unfortunately some companies will hire people without a SORA. Some companies try to get around this by changing their title, however, the officer will still be held liable for the fine. A class roster will be sent to the New Jersey State Police the day before the class.

I f you are unable to attend the class, simply contact our office and advise us of the issue.

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We can as you to another class at a later date. If you fail to complete all three steps of the SORA process within 30 days, your 30 day temporary certificate will expire and the steps and money you have paid will not be refunded. You will be eligible to re-register with the State Police, but you will not be issued a 30 Day Temporary Certificate and lose the right to work during this period.

Yes, if you have a 30 Day Temporary Certificate you may work as a security officer while you complete your three Free sora training nj. Once the 30 day period is over, you must cease work until your steps are complete. The time to complete each step depends greatly on you. The Registration with the State Police is a seven 7 minute online process.

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Once you have completed all three steps; the State Police will issue you the SORA card via the mail within fifteen 15 business days. As a part of the process for SORA certification, a background check will be conducted. Crimes involving moral turpitude, control substances and any 4th degree crime or greater will prohibit an individual from receiving SORA certification. Must be at least 18 years of age Must posses a valid photo ID with valid Free sora training nj date, i. DriversPassport, etc. This registration is issued by the New Jersey State Police.

You must pay for the certificate when applying. You must also be fingerprinted by the state d agency. You will only have 30 days to complete the process which includes your SORA class. It is recommended that you schedule your class first and then apply for your certificate with the NJSP. Two 2 years Q.

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