Ford classic vans

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Ford replaced its out-dated E83W 10 cwt van in with the E. Powered by the 1. It was rather like all lorry drivers keeping their window open, all the time. Yes, everyone smoked, there was the hang-over from the need Ford classic vans give hand al, before flashing indicators became the thing and, with regard to the open van doors, there was the time and effort saved when making multiple drops.

On a nice day it gave you a great sense of the freedom of the road, rather like driving an open-top car.

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Even some of the test pictures show the habit. Notice that this test could be done on a little-used country road, without any danger to others, in those days. This type of van was popular for many years, before derivatives of the Transit ate into their market.

In general, they did the job which was asked of them, in Ford classic vans no-frills manner. The Commer Express van and pick-up were based on the Hillman Minx Mk VII, at the time powered by a four-cylinder, side-valve, 1,cc engine later replaced with a more modern, ohv unit, like the car. Note the small tank mounted Ford classic vans the front bumper, fitted in connection with fuel consumption tests.

But they are interesting all the same. For a money-saving subscription to Vintage Rocene magazine, simply. The Rootes Group was always good at marketing its products. For example, this Commer BF one-tonner was -written to let everyone know its body was of all-steel construction and that the vehicle was diesel-powered.

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The one-ton version had a one foot shorter wheelbase than the 30cwt version. Note the somewhat battered, Thornycroft Sturdy, of Manns Ford classic vans, approaching from the opposite direction. In a Commercial Motor road test report, published in Aprilwith the headline Newcomer Sets High Standardthis early Volkswagen Transporter van, OLD 45 London, late seems to have impressed the tester, coping well on a town and country route, including the 1-in-4 Succombs Hill, with lo of up to 15cwt.

This Morris one-tonner, fitted with the BMC 2. Note the wartime Austin K6 six-wheeler, still in military service, in the background. This Commer Superpoise 25cwt normal-control van was being tested inon trade plates, NM, as it was fitted with the then new, Rootes 2.

The driver can be seen giving a right turn hand al in those pre-indicator days.

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I believe it was photographed crossing the A5 in the centre of Dunstable, not far from the Commer factory. The fuel consumption test tank can be seen on the front.

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Init seems the manufacturer had to offer Ford classic vans vehicle for test which was about to be delivered to a customer, Staffordshire Farmers of Wolverhampton. Its performance was praised, but all sorts of details seem to have let it down. Perhaps surprisingly, the tester seemed to be quite impressed with the vehicle thus equipped, seen here in a London street, being followed by one of its rivals, a Morris J2. A big splash was made Ford classic vans the introduction of the Austin Gipsy, when it was arrived inas a competitor for the Land Rover, but it never really caught on. All-steel, with independent suspension, the model was available untilwith a long wheelbase version, from the Series 2 of onwards.

Perhaps there was a cafe there, as we can see a couple of lorries in the background. Back inthe other forward-control van from the BMC stable, this slightly larger Austinmore usually known as the J2, FOG Birmingham,now uprated from 15cwt to cwt depending on whether a passenger was carried!

The older model was still considered to be a contender in the van market. Performance was considered sluggish, from the 1. The model was fairly common on the Continent, but remained rare in the UK. The cardboard behind the grille looks rather less than professional…. The new Vauxhall Victor engine and three-speed gearbox had been added in while, two years later, the split-screen was replaced by a one-piece, flashing indicators became standard and the rear wheel spats were eliminated.

And finally, something completely different. Tractor World Spring Show Post Austin A35 Pick-up.

Ford classic vans

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