Fkk sauna club hannover

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After the big industrial exhibition I was recommended to go to this place. I had read some not too good reviews but since a friend of mine had good experience some years ago I decided to check it out. It was a Thursday evening and when I arrived there was a long line of taxis outside dropping men from all over the world of.

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I was greeted by a receptionist in her 50's who appeared very irritating that I asked how the place worked. I was handed a towel and key for a locker. I took a shower and proceeded upstairs where I found a bar full of men in towels.

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There was about 4 times more men than women in the bar and the few women left were so ugly that even after two bottles of wine I would not have chosen any. There was only two attractive ladies one white and a black lady. That was very disappointing this is supposed to be the top place to go in Germany.

Well I always think one has to be very lucky to find a pretty working girl in Germany. Anyway I went for a chat with the black lady who soon convinced me to buy a bottle of Champagne costing EUR !. Fkk sauna club hannover told me she was from Nigeria but I have many year experience with Africa and soon worked out she was in fact from Kenya. I insisted that I only wanted 30 minutes with her but I said no but she still insisted we should do 2 hours for Eur I said no to that and left the room. I went to the bar again to look for a better girl bit there was only ugly Old bags left so decided Fkk sauna club hannover leave.

In this ri. If you want a club where you watch the girls, spend little and do not want full contact, this club is not for you! The prices are all in Euros. It is 60 E. This place requires explaining, especially for us Americans who are not used to the level on forthrightness in this type of establishment. When you enter the place you are given a locker key.

The lockers are next to a shower room and sauna. You are expected to put all of your clothe in the locker and take a shower. There are plenty of towels available. Downstairs is a buffet breakfast buffet 11 to pm, and dinner at 5pm. There s also a TV room w. On the 2nd floor is a bar area, a couch room w.

Some are very laid back and a few are pushy. The cost of taking a girl to a room is 50E app.

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For this you get one girl for a half hour w. Anything else must be negotiated. One hour is E. Many of the girls offer 2 girls at one time etc. Be explicit about what you want.

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They will tell you right up front how much or if they will not accommodate Toggle lustnames. now. FKK Villa 2 reviews Add review. Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:. Related Clubs. Password Remember Me. Password Register.

Fkk sauna club hannover

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