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Not too shallow and not too deep, these prompts can help you get to know one another while mostly avoiding awkwardness. Let's face it: Months on end of social distancing and staying First date conversation topics have made us all a little socially awkward. When you're not actively engaging with people face-to-face, it can feel tough to remember exactly how to make small talk and have meaningful conversations. And that's to say nothing of dating, which has been turned upside down by the pandemic. If you're thinking about dating again—and we mean in real life, actually-meeting-the-person kind of dating—you might find yourself needing a playbook.

If you're asking questions— like "What should I say? Why do first dates feel so weird, anyway?

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Christie KederianPhD, psychologist and d marriage and family therapist, says it has a lot to do with the wide range of thoughts racing through our minds. The first layer is reconciling that you're going out to spend time with someone you may have never ly laid eyes on.

Second, First date conversation topics trying to assess for compatibility—i. And the third layer is chemistry. Do you get along well? Do you enjoy talking with them? Throw in the pandemic and the fact that we're a little out of practice with social environmentsand that adds yet another layer.

For instance, you may wonder: Should I hug them, shake their hand, or avoid physical contact altogether?

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Mask on or off? It's a lot to think about at once, and there are consequences—namely, the feeling that it's all pretty weird. Avoid being too superficial or going too deep with prompts like these:. These are light conversation starters that might help to bring up a funny story while also revealing a bit about who they are and their upbringing, says Kederian. Asking this helps you get to know about what they're interested in, a hobby of theirs, and what feeds them as a person, she adds. This question allows you to dive into a person's professional passions, says matchmaker Rori Sassoonrelationship expert for the UnFlitered dating app.

Talking about their career can provide some insight into whether they're more analytical or creative. Plus, "if the conversation hits a slump, you can always bring the chat back to the 9-to-5," Sassoon says. This one may go in any direction, but in general, it will likely provide a space for you to talk about hobbies and interests, along with giving you a picture of their ideal weekend, says Sassoon. If you discover you enjoy similar activities, that can also provide future date ideas. Getting creative and silly is the point of this conversation starter, but it also enables the person to reveal more about who they are—a terrific segue toward a deeper chat, says Sassoon.

Don't be surprised if this question also le to some good laughs. This is a great question to learn what each person finds intriguing in a potential getaway, says Sassoon, and can help determine compatibility. For example, are they more of an outdoorsy person, or do they love a cityscape? Do they prefer a go-go-go pace for sightseeing, or prefer to chill out on a beach? Asking about First date conversation topics also opens the door to more conversation—maybe you've been to their favorite place or have always wanted to visit, enabling you to continue First date conversation topics dialogue.

This is another question First date conversation topics can reveal a lot about someone's personality without going too deep. Keep anything too serious off the table on a first date, says Kederian. This includes topics like past relationships, whether they'd like children, and what they want out of life. If you do hit a moment during your date when neither one of you knows what to say next, it doesn't necessarily spell doom.

There are simple ways to move beyond any uncomfortable silence, though. Try to ask a question that enables you to find a show or a book that you both enjoyed especially since many of us have spent more time watching and reading than usual over the pandemicand you'll have something to talk about, says MacLean.

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Pets are another positive, easy topic that often enables you to find common ground, says MacLean. In fact, more than 60 percent of singles said four-legged friends were the best icebreaker when it comes to meeting someone, according to an August survey of 3, Plenty of Fish users. Additionally, commenting on your surroundings and what's happening where you are in the present moment is always a good fallback topic, as it's already a shared experience for the two of you, says Kederian.

While it may seem tempting to come up with a charming opening or even make a joke as an opening line when meeting someone in person for a first date, Kederian says it's better to just be yourself. Plan a first date not to last too long. Also consider planning something you need to do after the date ends so you have a clear stopping point. Remember to give your connection a First date conversation topics by keeping your First date conversation topics off the table and not checking it every five minutes.

Finally, if you enjoyed getting together, be sure to express that before you head on your way. It can be as easy as saying, "Hey, I had fun meeting you, and would love to do it again sometime. She recommends doing this even if you aren't positive you had a strong connection. Relationships need time to unfold, so do some reflecting after your first date is over to assess how it went. Kelsey Ogletree. By Kelsey Ogletree September 29, Save FB Tweet More.

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11 First Date Conversation Starters That Will Completely Ease Your Nerves