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People have been more dependent on their smartphones to fulfill their browsing needs. Thus, websites have increasingly begun offering two separate versions of themselves: a mobile version, light-weight, and a full-desktop version.

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The light mobile website versions generally present the same basic content, but lack functionality better-suited to Facebook.com full website full-screen environment, such as zooming in and out on articles, photos, and other elements. Sites increasingly use responsive or adaptive web de to change and modify itself to fit screens of any shape or size while still displaying content in a reasonable layout. However, mobile sites are often unsatisfactory in one way or another.

Often, sites will hide certain functionality behind their desktop versions, limiting what mobile users can see or do while browsing the site.

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This can be incredibly frustrating when the only reason one is Facebook.com full website to visit a particular site is to use a particular feature such as dark modewhich happens to have been abridged from the mobile site. Facebook is no exception. Though their mobile app on iOS and Android theoretically features most of the same capabilities as its desktop version, many prefer to access Facebook through the browser on their smartphone. After all, the Facebook.com full website site can be a faster or easier way to access your social feed on the go.

It would ask you to install the Messenger app, instead. Changing your settings or hiding posts from your newsfeed can be nothing short of aggravating. You can even bookmark the desktop version of the site for use whenever you need it. To begin, open your web browser and tap the URL bar at the top of your screen. Clear the tab or exit the mobile app and head back to your browser.

This method has a major flaw, however.

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So anytime you tap on a link or user interface element, Facebook will immediately load the mobile version. So you can only use this method to look at the front of your Facebook feed. Both Chrome and Facebook.com full website, on Android and iOS respectively, have the option to view web s in their full desktop view.

Unfortunately, the will only show a larger version of the Facebook mobile site so try using Firefox. Start by opening Facebook inside your browser. Then, log into your. Click this option, and the checkbox will fill itself in.

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The menu list will automatically close, and your will reload. Firefox may prompt you to set your location settings; if it does, allow or deny Facebook at your own discretion. You can then check your messages, change your settings, or do anything else the desktop site requires.

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Facebook.com full website can do this at any time you wish. Begin by loading the mobile version of Facebook, just as we mentioned above for the Android method. If you reload the home or try to use certain settings, Facebook will push you back to the mobile site. If this happens, you can always use the above methods to reload the desktop version of their site without too much of an issue. Finally, while testing the above methods on Android, we ran into the occasional problem where requesting the desktop site through Chrome would instead return is with a tablet version of the mobile site, with the same functionality as the mobile version but zoomed out.

Facebook.com full website

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How to Access Facebook Desktop Version on iPhone and iPad