Eyebrow movement body language

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Raising the eyebrows is one of those universal eye expressions that is used in all cultures.

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The eyebrows are raised for a split second and then dropped back. The purpose of this al is to draw the attention of another person to the face so that other als can then be exchanged. Send this al to those you like or to those you want to like you. You will see that not only will many of them return the same al with a smile, but they will also come over and begin to talk to you.

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This facial expression belongs to submissive eye expressions as well. It makes a person appear more childlike and triggers parental reactions in people. If it is combined with slightly raised eyebrows or a smile, it is a common of interest, and usually used by women as a courtship al.

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On the other hand, if it is combined with down-turned eyebrows or down-turned corners of the mouth, it means a critical, hostile, or suspicious attitude. Regular blinking frequency is six to eight blinks per minute. However, if you are under pressure or you are lying, your blinking rate increases. If you were talking to someone, and he or she displays increased blinking with their eyes staying closed a little longer than usual, this could mean that they are disinterested in what you are saying.

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Eyebrow movement body language

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