Erotic dating Banning

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In a recent announcement, Apple suggested that it would be cracking down on "hookup apps" on the App Store.

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Eventually, the controversy boiled over as Apple was condemned for banning the apps, but did the company actually ban Grindr? Following a wave of controversy, Apple released a statement clarifying that they never had any plans to ban Grindr from the App Store. A spokesman from Apple clarified that Apple had always banned apps featuring pornography from its App Store, and the company's latest update is meant to codify that policy.

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Dating apps like Scruff and Grindr would not be banned under these new guidelines. The spokesman further said that the only apps that would be affected by the policy were those that are focused on pornography or facilitate human trafficking, even if they claim they are being used to facilitate hookups.

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These new guidelines were announced as part of Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference last week. Apple did not name any specific apps that would be impacted by the new policy. In speaking with The Guardiana spokesperson from Grindr made it clear that the company doesn't think it will be impacted by Apple's new policy.

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Although Apple is not banning Grindr from its App Store, some remain concerned over the power that apple wields through its App Store, and its ability to make certain services unavailable to its users. It was reported in May that Apple had removed a of apps from the App Store in China, including gay dating apps and foreign news sources.

Although Apple's leadership may disagree with these decisions, they have clearly decided that Erotic dating Banning existence in the Chinese market is more important than allowing their users to have free access to every app that's a part of their global platform. Apple is not banning Grindr in the US, but that doesn't mean the company's power over its App Store is a good thing. Unfortunately, it's unclear Erotic dating Banning there's likely to be any change in Apple's power in the near future.

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Erotic dating Banning

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