Dating while in an open relationship

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In recent years, along with the rise of app culture, dating has been all about diversifying your options. And if non-monogamy isn't your thing which is totally acceptablefinding out your new fling has other flings or even a full-blown serious relationship other than you is off-putting.

And it really begs the question: Can someone monogamous date someone polyamorous without it being, like, searingly painful for everyone involved? Sure it's common to dabble in a little bit of deception when we start dating someone, right? But to hide from someone that you have another S. So now what?

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Spira suggests being upfront and transparent about your preferences just like in any relationship and to move cautiously from there. Whether or not a one-partner-preferred person can find long-term happiness with someone who likes to stay more open depends on the specific case—but it's likely going to be a challenge. Really it just boils down to being an honest, good person and trying to date mindfully regardless of how you identify.

So, no matter your preference, be upfront, honest, and true to yourself and your desires. And if you absolutely have to tell a lie, make it about something as inificant as bands you listen to. If polyamorous and monogamous people can date happily, can carnivores and vegans make it work?

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Whatever your preferences, here's how to define your relationship like a grown-up. Your official excuse to add "OOD" ahem, out of doors to your cal. Become an Insider. Enter Address. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Youtube Instagram. At least in the Big Apple, it seems that only the Bronx Zoo swans and like five human singles are monogamous, so this bait-and-switch experience is basically a sad Bat Mitzvah of sorts. Related Stories.

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Dating while in an open relationship

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A Beginner’s Guide to Open Relationships