Dating guy 20 years older than you

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I'm 24, and my boyfriend is To begin with, I was wary.

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I was vaguely suspicious of a forty-something attracted to a twenty-something with student loans instead of a sorted older woman at her sexual peak. Then a few realisations fell into place: firstly, nobody is sorted.

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Secondly, it was hardly surprising that I connected with somebody much older — Kevin McCloud was one of my teenage-crushes. If anyone should have been worried about age-fetishes, it was him, not me. Still, I had questions about whether an age-gap, between two people at such different stages in life was a feasible endeavour.

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I did what any millennial does — I took my niggling questions to Google. Few search gave me the story I wanted to hear. I wanted a tale reflecting my own situation. I reached the point when the only viable comparison I could find was Carrie and Big. In short: I stopped worrying and continued to fancy back this person who desired the unfiltered version of myself. It works because we both want the same things: satisfaction from work, plenty of good food, a passion that fuels us, travel, and to sleep and spend time with somebody who embraces rather than rejects the excitement of getting closer.

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Exactly and in most ways, we meet emotionally in the middle. My romantic involvements were with men who zoned out when I talked to them, or told me their life stories, but never asked about mine. Friends ask if we trip over clashing cultural references? More revealing of our gap is his ability to provide practical solutions to the problems I cannot solve. But these offers of help often clash with my personal Dating guy 20 years older than you as a feminist desiring autonomy through self-taught skills, who also happens to lose interest two s into an instructions manual.

The fact he has more practical skills than I do, based on more years of experience, sometimes highlights the gaps in my knowledge and my need to discover things for myself. I was mostly under-stimulated and physically uncomfortable. We continue to navigate our way through differences in circumstances. Like the fact he lives miles away and has children I am yet to meet. We split restaurant bills according to what we earn respectively. Follow Stevie Mackenzie-Smith dconfusion. How To. Celebrity News. Grazia Magazine. Prev Next. Like this?

Dating guy 20 years older than you

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Dating an older man? 10 serious questions to ask yourself before you commit for the long haul