Dating during divorce tn

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All is fair in love and war…well, the judge may differ with this opinion. Many persons going through a divorce Dating during divorce tn a euphoric feeling of freedom during the initial phase of the case. It can be exciting, right? A new chance at true love. That confidence booster you really needed.

Or perhaps time to do those things you have always wanted to explore. In Tennessee there are two types of grounds for divorce-fault, or no-fault. The fault grounds for divorce are a little more interesting, and some are very obvious. The juices are flowing. That attractive man or woman you have always wanted to talk to happens to be in line with you at the coffee shop.

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One thing le to another and…BOOM, you are now seeing each other and dating. Sounds exciting, right? An emotional affair, while not technically adultery, can still be considered inappropriate marital conduct, the catch-all fault ground for divorce in our state. Many people fall under the false-impression that merely dating or keeping company with someone is acceptable because his or her spouse will be hard-pressed to prove that actual sex has taken place; he or she is wrong.

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In this state it has long been held that it is unnecessary to have direct evidence of illicit intercourse and that adultery can be proven rather by a mere preponderance of circumstantial evidence. Seems harmless, this dating thing. I mean you and your spouse are clearly done. You and your spouse have amicably been working out the small details and are very close to an agreement for the majority of the issues you must show the Court.

You have calm, kind, personable communications regarding the children if any or the house, etc….

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The judge, however, will look at this decision of yours to jump so quickly back into the world of dating very closely. Good question. In certain situations, infidelity can be a factor in determining the amount of alimony the non-offending spouse pays to the spouse who was unfaithful. Additionally, when a parent lives with someone else and shares expenses, the court could theoretically use that fact as a basis to set the child support obligation higher when the obligor is living with someone or lower when the child support recipient is living with someone as an upward or downward deviation from the presumptive amount.

In conclusion, if you are going Dating during divorce tn a divorce and have a question whether or not you should begin dating, take heed that there may be serious repercussions in doing so. Although your emotions may be telling you that it is right, the law may prove differently. The professionals at Cole Law Group have the knowledge and experience to assist you with any questions you may have regarding divorce. Please at to request a free initial evaluation.

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Dating during divorce tn

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