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Where do you meet people? How do you get them to know you might be interested? Which dating site works best? Single people know there are thousands of ways to meet a potential ificant other. Whether that means trolling the bars and coffee shops of your city or reluctantly agreeing to let your friends hook you up on a blind date with their friend, dating has become a complicated mess of connections, potential and frustration.

How to make sense of it all? Actually, there are thousands of apps for that. It makes sense. Dating apps are deed to get you to spend a lot of time with them, trolling through photos and profiles either out of genuine interest or morbid curiosity. Either way, from the serious platform to the creepy and stalker-ish, here are some of the most popular dating apps on iOS and Android to help smartphone users find love or maybe just somebody to cuddle. Tinder: iPhone.

This new iPhone app that is all the rage among the college crowd. Tinder is an anonymous, location-based app that allows you to look for singles in your vicinity. The app will look for people near you it thinks you may like. If they Like you back, you can chat right within the app. It is kind of like Highlight or Banjo for singles. Some people find it kind of creepybut thousands of satisfied no pun intended college students may be on to something.

Whether that is Dating apps for iphone 2012 possible, given the genre, is hard to tell. When the date is over you can leave feedback and earn badges. Yes, badges. Because we always wanted an app that gamifies dating. To connect or flirt with a potential match, you have to use the Stars, a virtual currency. Still another location-based dating app that connects to your Facebook profile. Mobile-only dating apps are a little bit like the Dating apps for iphone 2012 West. You are not quite sure what you are going to get for your time and money.

Services like Match. You are still going to pay, but there are more predictable expectation of what you are going to get and who you might meet. Tied closely to the Web version of the service, Match. It does not connect to your Facebook profile. From a pure platform perspective, there is really not that much difference between Match. But the eHarmony apps are much slicker and more enjoyable than Match.

This is app de with thought and insight as opposed to just trying to copy the style and feel of a website onto a mobile device. Say what you want about the inherent charms of eHarmony vis-a-vis the competition, the app is certainly slick. In the war among Web-based dating sites, OKCupid has long been the nerdy, slightly neurotic destination compared with the stuffier Match.

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The younger crowd in particualr, swears by it. From an app de perspective, it is really nothing special — using the classic mobile layout of top and sidebar menus, messaging and photos, and the ability to find people near you. The kicker? Unlike basically every other app or service listed above OKCupid is totally free. The mobile dating apps listed above are only the beginning. There are plenty of alternatives, including. Finally, if you have a very specific dating interest looking for love with a sea captain or a farmer, for instancecheck out this roundup of interest-specific dating sites from BuzzFeed.

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Be warned, however, some of these preferences are extremely specific. Are you looking for love through your mobile device? What apps are you using? Have any good, bad … weird experiences? Let us know in the comments. Tinder: iPhone This new iPhone app that is all the rage among the college crowd.

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For Traditionalists These traditional Web-based dating sites have mobile apps associated with them. Something For Everybody?

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Skout : Similar to Tinder or even Banjo or Highlight. For iPhone, Android and even BlackBerry Top image courtesy of Shutterstock. Related Posts. Will the Internet of Behavior Improve Everywher

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Happy Valentine’s Day: Top Dating Apps For iPhone, iPad And Android