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Lack of time with buyers coupled with rapidly shifting buying dynamics, fueled by digital buying behavior, is reshaping the strategic focus of sales organizations. The ready availability of quality information through digital channels has made it far easier for buyers to gather information independently, meaning sellers have less access and fewer opportunities to influence customer decisions. At the same time, the set of options and solutions buying groups can consider is expanding as new technologies, products, suppliers and services emerge.

These dynamics make it increasingly difficult for customers to Contact our time purchases.

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In fact, more than three-quarters of the customers Gartner surveyed described their purchase as very complex or difficult. All of this looping around and bouncing from one job to another means that buyers value suppliers that make it easier for them to navigate the purchase process.

In fact, Gartner research found that customers who perceived the information they received from suppliers to be helpful in advancing across their buying jobs were 2. To win in this B2B buying environment, suppliers should focus on providing customers with information that is specifically deed to help them complete their buying jobs. As a result, sales reps are not the only channel to customers, but simply a channel, and alignment across Contact our time and digital channels is crucial for supporting customers in the way they actually buy.

Most sales organizations organize activity around a linear pipeline, seeking to move opportunities from one stage to the next. For customers, however, purchase progress is far better defined in terms of job completion rather than stage progression.

As a result, while pipeline reviews might indicate a preponderance of opportunities stuck in sales Stage 5, for example, there is no way of knowing through a linear, supplier-centric sales funnel where exactly customers are truly struggling to make progress in Contact our time given deal. Most sales and marketing teams are organized in serial fashion: Marketing generates and nurtures demand early through digital channels before handing off the most qualified of opportunities to sales for in-person pursuit.

Rather, they use both digital and in-person channels with near-equal frequency to complete each of the buying jobs more or less simultaneously. Work Person Type. Contact Information All fields are required.

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Company Information All fields are required. Begin Download. Navigate the evolution of the B2B buying journey. Download the Gartner guide for CSOs to learn how to: Navigate the evolution of the B2B buying journey over the next five years Position your unique value-add to help guide customers to decision confidence while minimizing uncertainty Accelerate beyond foundational analytics toward AI-powered insights. Sellers have little opportunity to influence customer decisions. The customers buying journey is hard. B2B Buyers complete a set of jobs to make a purchase. Information drives purchase ease and high-quality sales.

Suppliers must Contact our time buyers to complete buying jobs. Learn More. Related Resources. The Sense Making Seller. Read E-Book. Watch Webinar. Transform to the Future of Buying. Smarter With Gartner.

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New B2B Buying Journey & its Implication for Sales