Chat online with people in South Portland Maine ga

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OBH recognizes that access to safe, decent, and affordable housing is a medical necessity for many persons with disabilities. Independent housing vouchers deliver real therapeutic value; promote consumer empowerment; support both civil and disability rights; and are demonstrated to be radically cost effective when compared to high cost, high intensity, institutionalized care.

OBH administers the following two housing programs:.

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Independent housing vouchers represent a foundation of recovery and hope. To the greatest extent practicable, DHHS empowers consumers with tenant-based housing vouchers which enhance individual choice, independence, and control over where a person lives and what services if any such a person decides to receive. Local Administrative Agents listed here:.

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If you are homeless or may become homeless, you can find a list of shelters in your area here. Find a list of DHHS offices and contact information here.

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Following a Housing First model, initial SPC recipients are encouraged, but not required to accept the provision of services to go hand in hand with the voucher. BRAP assists clients with Serious Mental Illness, including those who also have a Substance Use Disorder, with obtaining transitional housing by providing a rental subsidy and assistance with finding independent housing. BRAP is intended to serve as a bridge between homelessness and more permanent housing options, such as Section 8.

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Recovery Residences offer a healthy, safe, substance-free living environment to support individuals in treatment and recovery for substance use disorder. Office of Behavioral Health. Connolly maine.

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Find a Certified Recovery Residence.

Chat online with people in South Portland Maine ga

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