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This is a newish kind of screening test in which a blood sample from a pregnant woman is used to test for a range of genetic conditions in the fetus, with varying levels of certainty. You still get some false positivebut far fewer than with older screening tests. NIPT for these conditions has recently become available to pregnant women in the higher chance category in the NHS in Wales, and it has been promised to women in England and Scotland in the near future. Disappointingly, despite our best efforts to raise these issues, little has changed.

I think most people would assume that this means their result will tell them pretty much for sure whether their fetus has one of the conditions or not. A more helpful statistic is the positive predictive value.

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Sometimes NIPT gives a high chance result when the fetus does not actually have the condition. In the NHS, the development of balanced Can the harmony test be wrong up-to-date information about the conditions has been central to the aim of ensuring women and couples make informed decisions about NIPT. Public Health England has spent a year consulting with support organisations and families of people with the conditions to help them describe, as neutrally as possible, what having with one of these conditions might mean.

At the Nuffield Council, we believe it's only ethical to offer NIPT within an environment that enables women and couples to make informed choices, and the provision of high quality information about the tested-for conditions is crucial to this. Many clinics and NIPT test providers offer the option of testing for a range of other, often very rare, genetic conditions.

These include those caused by unusual s ofthe sex X and Y chromosomes, such as Turner syndrome and Triple X syndrome,and those caused by small bits of DNA missing, called microdeletions, such as Prader-Willi syndrome and 5p deletion syndrome. Information relating to the accuracy of NIPT for these conditions is often missing from websites and public materials.

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This is probably because the limited research that has taken place has shown that Can the harmony test be wrong performs poorly for many of these conditions. We have heard from women in this position that the anxiety this causes can be huge. We believe that clinics and test providers should stop offering NIPT for conditions where it does not offer an accurate prediction, and that they Can the harmony test be wrong provide full information about the limitations of the tests they do offer.

Some private hospitals and clinics offer a full package of care that includes pre-test counselling, access to a healthcare professional to discuss high chanceand follow-up diagnostic testing if requested. But many do not offer all this. This is particularly true for those companies offering NIPT on a direct-to-consumer basis, where you order online and the test kit is sent to you in the post. In many cases, it is NHS staff who have to deal with the fall-out. How the NHS will meet demand for this as private provision escalates is a source of concern.

We think things could be much better. We have already produced a guidance leaflet for manufacturers and healthcare providers on the information to include on their websites and leaflets about NIPT. However, it seems unlikely that self-regulation will be enough. As such, we are delighted that the Care Quality Commission has recently changed its position and now considers NIPT to be within its remit, in line with a recommendation in our report.

It has already started carrying out inspections of clinics in England that offer NIPT, so we hope to start seeing improvements in standards of care soon. In addition, last week we urged the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee to investigate the regulation of private NIPT as part of an inquiry on commercial genetic testing. We will continue to work with these and other partners in a renewed effort to raise standards among private NIPT providers. These tests are offered to all pregnant women in England, Scotland and Wales.

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They were unable to perform meta-analyses of NIPT for several sex aneuploidy conditions because there were very few or no studies. Other studies have considered the utility of NIPT for testing for microdeletions, e. Sue 15 September Can the harmony test be wrong I arrived at this site after receiving a positive NIPT result for Trisomy 21 Downs I read through all the comments and just wanted to share my story as well.

At 10 weeks I received the result and at 11 weeks I had a CVS test which is diagnostic and will tell you definitively if your baby has a chromosomal issue across all chromosomes as well as any micro deletions. This was devastating news for us but ultimately confirmed what I knew deep down to be true. I feel lucky to know early in my pregnancy. I would also like to share that while the CVS has a 1 in chance of miscarriage, the procedure was not painful for me but just a little uncomfortable, like a Pap smear - but longer duration and the doctor and sonographer worked together to guide the device into the placenta, being careful of the baby, which the sonographer is watching on the screen.

I hope this helps.

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I hope you all find comfort sooner or later in your eventual outcomes. Take care. Samir 24 August Hi All, We are in same situation. My wife 31 year old is 16 weeks pregnant via IVF. We have done PGS testing before embryo transfer but second trimester blood work result came as positive for possible DS.

Still we don't know, what are percentage or range was mentioned in report as we have genetic counseling and level 2 details scan is scheduled tomorrow. We are devastated after hearing this today morning and do not understand how it is possible if we had PGS testing done on embryo.

Anyone gone through the same situation, just trying to keep ourselves calm and hoping everything to be normal in tomorrow's scan.

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Thanks Sameer. Thais 16 September However, amnio came back negative. Very anxious time but so glad we went ahead with it. All the best. Sarah Fortuno 24 August Sharing this good news after gaining strength and hope by reading all your experiences and thoughts. I had my NT scan 2 days after with the instruction that if turns out good we will proceed to Amnio on my 15th week but if not do CVS that same day.

Scans were good thankfully so we opt to wait for the amnio be done. My 15th week came and baby seemed still looking fine with mo markers for TS. Amnio was carried out. After 2 days, we have received a beautiful news that FISH test was normal. And after another 12 days, today, we have received a call that microarray is also normal and our rainbow baby has got no any Can the harmony test be wrong issue. Folks, just be strong! I am a first time mom with a hx of ectopic pregnancy 10 months ago, now bearing a beautiful and healthy baby.

It may have been a roller coaster ride for me and my loving husband but hey, we learned that whatever it is, whatever happens to our baby, we are her parents and we will love her the same. With or without TS. Felicia 24 August Hello Sarah, thank you for sharing this good news! After that i went to fetomaternal usg detailed scan and my OB said everything is normal. I didnt do amnio or another test further because i am too afraid with the result. Right now, i just praying and hoping that my baby is normal. Lan 21 September Thank you for this it has helped a lot we tested high risk for monosomy x Turners Syndrome too yet our We are 13 weeks now and have been so stressed out about this basically already grieving the loss of this baby, but your post gives us hope xxx.

Imran Afzal 12 August I've been following the posts ever since we received a 1 in 43 change of Down's Quadruple test. Wife is 37, two prior kids were Can the harmony test be wrong. It was not pleasant having to wait that long came back as low chance for all 3 genetic disorders including Down's.

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Praise be to the Almighty. The midwife could not tell me anything more of note over the phone and said NIPT is still new to them. We are so relieved but I don't feel ectastic. In our case I wished we never had the Quad test, it was done only after the baby could not show NT due to their position.

It was not an Can the harmony test be wrong decision. You end up on this conveyor belt of testing and worrying, thinking the worst and now even when you get a low chance result you wonder what else could be lurking as an issue. Christine 03 August This is our first pregnancy, and I am 27 years old. We received the NIPT Natera test at 14 weeks and 5 days pregnant, only because we were excited we could find out the gender early. This was absolutely devastating and shocking. Hoping, and praying that the NIPT is a false positive.

Sarah 13 August Now waiting for the official amnio after being rold that the FISH test is normal. Felicia 18 August Hi Christine and Sarah, we are on the same too. I am 26 years old and this is my first pregnancy. Please let me know how about your amnio because i dont have strong enough to do that. I hope our babies are healthy and normal. Lauren 21 August Hi Christine, Sarah, and Felicia! I go for my amnio on Monday. I pray we all have good outcomes, and false negatives. Ha 21 September

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