Boyfriend smokes weed everyday

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My boyfriend has been tossing and turning for hours and has finally crept out of bed into the dead of night, ripped a bong and slid back under the covers without trying to wake me. But my nose twitches. He is a self-confessed drug addict.

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I have absolutely no idea when my boyfriend is stoned. Naturally I smoke now and again, so I know the s, but I frequently witness him smoking and then carrying out everyday activities which I and many others would be unable to do. But how can he keep up appearances and still maintain his constant daily smoking? Although I am partially sighted to the side effects of his smoking, I live a life of wonder and Boyfriend smokes weed everyday quiz myself on our time together: how often is he stoned around me?

Does he have to be high to talk to me?

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Some people start their day with a coffee, he rips a bong, do I make shit coffee? That may be factually accurate, but then again the local drunks down the pub are embarrassing themselves publicly, not hidden away at home.

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We forgot it was on him and carried it across central Europe. Evidently, we did not become the Amsterdam Two Grumpy, short-tempered and defeatist, we had a memorable argument over which direction to cycle down a river during one of his dry spells. I blame the weed, not my al skills. It can be difficult to articulate to an addict how you feel, as there are always answers to questions you ask and annoying justifications, so I recently wrote him a letter explaining my concerns. I was Boyfriend smokes weed everyday a day, no-weed lifestyle, however by day two it was over and we shared a spliff.

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So I ask, am I the problem? How To. Celebrity News. Grazia Magazine. Prev Next. Like this?

Boyfriend smokes weed everyday

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