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US A popular website for women 50 plus covering topics to encourage women to live better physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually! Also in Over Fifty Magazines livingbetter UK Where women connect, inform, share and inspire. We're not invisible! Life after 50 is Fabulous! We're a community of women living life to the full. Sharing the ups and downs. Our panel of experts offer tips from health to wealth, beauty and style, career and family, so that we look and feel our best possible selves.

For that little extra inspiration we feature 'Fabwomen', real women who have reinvented their lives over the age of Switzerland Sixty and Me is an online magazine about life after Topics range from makeup for older women and senior dating to retirement advice and senior travel.

Helping boomer Blog 50 year old woman to live healthy, independent and financially secure lives. Also in Baby Boomer Blogs sixtyandme. Queensland, Australia I'm a woman on a mission to build a community Blog 50 year old woman Women Living Well After 50 and making the most of life.

Also in Women BlogsMidlife Blogs womenlivingwellafter London, England, UK Hi! I'm Josephine. My blog Chic at any age is a fashion and style inspiration blog for women over This blog delivers information on how to continue to look chic at any age, advice on how to adapt fashion trends to suit your age, lifestyle, and personality. Australia A lighthearted blog for the 50 somethings about some of the issues that face our age group as we prepare for our golden years.

Western Australia, Australia There is so much more to Midlife than having a crisis, or being in menopause, or crying over an empty nest. It is time to focus on freedom, re-discovery, and becoming the best version of ourselves. So, follow me on a journey where we replace Midlife crisis with Midlife connection and contentment.

US PrimeWomen is a lifestyle guide for living well not just living long. We provide a fresh perspective through articles written by prime women for prime women on fashion, travel, fitness, beauty, finances, and entertainment. Chicago, Illinois, US Susan Good, a cool 21st-century grandmother, inspires women over 50 to take a big bite out of life with her inspirational stories, hands-on tips, and relentless spirit. Florida, US Viva Fifty!

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Viva Fifty is the realization of my dream to build a bilingual and multicultural community that celebrates life and the joy that midlife can entail. My hope is that we can inspire and empower one another to thrive in health and happiness. Revolution Gray is where women over 50 go to find great tips on beauty, fashion, wellness, empty nesting, dating, second careers, reinvention and much, much more.

Fabulous50s is a celebration of all women in their 50s, featuring interviews and conversations on all things health, beauty, lifestyle, anti-ageing, vitality and fun. ChicOver50 is about inspiring women over 50 everywhere to be confident and beautiful. Finding Kathy Brown highlights travel and lifestyle ideas with fun in mind.

Let's start a conversation and live our best lives! Travel and lifestyle blog written for and by an over 50 woman. Inspiring age positivity. Sharing insights and know-hows for women. Release clutter to reclaim inner clarity. It's never just about the things but the emotions we've wrapped around our stuff that has us stuck!

Willoughby Hills, Ohio, US Cultured Curves is a blog and brand providing sophisticated style, fashion, beauty, and inspiration to curvy women over And yes, I'm in my 60's! The resources are here for you to learn, grow and enjoy life as a healthy woman.

My name is Lorraine Miano. Health, Wellness, and Nutrition support for women making the transition naturally and holistically. Also in Menopause Blogs themagicofmenopause. US Living the Second Act is a unique online publication for women in their 40s and 50s who are living their second act! Also in Women's Lifestyle Blogs livingthesecondact. Our Stories Today has been established to create conversation and community among women over 50 who are seeking ways to find grace, power, relevance, humor and acceptance in this ever-changing life Blog 50 year old woman.

England, Blog 50 year old woman The Midlife Movement is for women who want to make the most of life after 45 - whatever that means to you!

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I hope you will me as I hurtle towards my next big birthday. I am a work in progress, just like you, let us enjoy the ride together! US Who are we and why did we decide to start a blog about aging women? All three of us have hit our 70s with different goals, health, marital status, and life experiences. Our hope is to interact with others of our age and share and to learn from them. We believe that as a group we are stronger and happier when we stand together.

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East Amherst, New York, US Every day issues of middle aged women, featuring wellness, lifestyles, relationships, travel, plus delicious and easy recipes for any midlife woman to enjoy. How long will it take me to get back in shape?? Although round is a shape!! Hello50 is a website for women over 50, women over 60 and beyond. Some of the many topics include women's fashion over 50, women's beauty, women's health and fitness, empty nesting, DIY, relationships and much more.

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New York, US A mother, grandmother, writer, blogger, internet marketing professional, suburban homesteader and lover of change, my journey of life post has revealed that more is possible than I could have ever dreamed. Follow to get updates. Atlanta, Georgia, US My blog is a resource for people such as myself who feel like they are in the middle or Mezza of their lives who appreciate encouragement and advice. I also invite industry experts to share their reviews and useful tips on the Blog 50 year old woman as well. So come along friends and follow my blog.

Through a variety of articles, we aim to encourage women to live a life that is unique, fulfilling, and inspired. Topics include beauty, fashion, nutrition, exercise, home, travel, relationships, and life. Embrace your flaws knowing you're awesome! My name is Belinda Donner, I am 50 years old.

I have four children, three boys and a girl. I am married to a wonderful man named Andrew, he is the love of my life and I am extremely grateful to have such a wonderful husband who loves and supports me. I decided to start a blog because a good friend of mine kept telling me that I need to share my ideas, my experiences and most of all my spreading my energy to others, to help inspire women.

Also in San Diego Lifestyle Blogs younglikeb.

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Covers blog post, reviews, podcast and vlog on healthy lifestyle. Live a life of balance through focusing on changing your daily habits. Also in Healthy Lifestyle Blogs mindbloomcoach. Hello, I'm a 50 something sort-of-retired teacher. I'm a maker, a doer, an all-rounder, and wanna try everything type of person.

Like many people, there was a raft of things that I love to do but always seemed to be too busy or too tired to do them. After many changes in my life, I now find myself wanting to make the most of my time, my skills, my experiences, and make sure that Blog 50 year old woman enjoy this life. How to live for life after years of living to work.

Come with me to enjoy food, travel, and creativity. Here we're ready to talk all things life, relationships, aging, and everything in between. This is a blog about the world around us from the perspective of a real woman getting real. We're here to write about things that pertain to women who are a certain age, who will one day be a woman of a certain age, or know a woman of a certain age - we are for everyone.

Sometimes our conversation will be funny, sometimes it will make you think. It will always be informative.

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You are invited to come along with us on this journey because we know 'thisisyourbestyear'. Also in Grandparent Blogs thisisyourbestyear.

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Gateshead, England, UK A UK based lifestyle blog for women over 50, focusing on beauty, travel, plus size fashion Blog 50 year old woman anything else that interests me as a 58 year old woman in the North East of England. The Geordie Grandma is for women over 50 who have an interest in skincare, makeup, plus size clothing, travel, health and generally getting the most out of life.

Also in UK Lifestyle Blogs thegeordiegrandma. Groundbreaking podcast Interviews that share stories by, for, and about fearless history-making women who have blazed a trail for others to follow. Also in Women Over Podcasts trailblazersimpact. California, US Reaching the age of 50 is not for the faint of heart. I'm 58, so I know of what I speak. I'm a fitness pro, a four-time certified trainer with over 20 years of experience. Through it all, I've learned this important fact: An Ageless Body isn't about being skinny, being about to leap tall buildings in a single bound or outrun your grandkids.

Also in Fitness Over Blogs lindamelone. Western Australia, Australia Hop on board the Lifestyle Fifty train for simple tips about how to stay fit, stylish, healthy, happy and hopefully wealthy, as we get older! Also in Australian Lifestyle Bloggers lifestylefifty. New Brunswick, Canada Health blog discussing women's issues and current health topics written by a pharmacist.

Blog 50 year old woman

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