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Most of the places have at least a small bar and seating area where you can have a drink before you go ahead choosing a girl for the blow job. If Bj bars in bangkok do have a drink and decide to not getting sucked, no problem you can walk out of the bar again without paying for more than your beverages. The blow job service is usually performed in a private room of the bar, but some places are giving you the choice of doing it right in the bar which makes it all even more exciting find out which places in the descriptions below.

The girl will usually apply some kind of baby oil on your dick to ensure both a clean procedure as well as making the whole thing more enjoyable for both of you. Standard is also that she performs the blow job topless and you may touch her. Tipping is not expected, but if she does an exceptionally good job you may want to give her a couple of hundred Baht extra. Enough for all Bj bars in bangkok general information, below is the description of the different blow job bars in Bangkok, what they are like, how much they charge and their exact location:.

The oldest blowjob bar in town. There are quite a lot of girls in this relatively small bar trying their best to literally blow you to haven, even in the middle of the afternoon you will find more than a dozen of girls hanging out on the seating area outside the bar. The Lollipop is the biggest BJ bar in Bangkok, however most of the time all ladies are sitting outside, anticipating the customers. The quality of girls is quite average, but they are all very friendly and not too pushing. Location: Walk into Sukhumvit Soi 10 and after 30 meters turn left. You can then already see The Lollipop at the end of the small alley.

You almost get overwhelmed by the huge of girls sitting outside of Lolitas. There are more than 20 girls available at most times and everyone would be happy if you choose her to give you a blow job inside at the bar or upstairs on one of the red illuminated sofas which are divided by curtains. Well, and because of its huge of ladies available. You can see Lolitas 30 meters away on the left side. The newest blow job bar in town, Kasalong is located on a side street of Sukhumvit Soi 6. The selection of the girls might be more limited as in neighboring Lolitas about five in the afternoon, more busy from 6pm but then the facilities and rooms are nicer, each of them has a comfortable red sofa as well as a basin where your little girl cleans your little boy before proceeding to the dirty business.

Location: You can either walk down Soi 6 and when it branches out turn left and go straight 50m to the end of the street or much easier coming from Soi Bj bars in bangkok pass Lolitas see above and just around the corner you can find this kind of hidden bar. Bj bars in bangkok is one Bj bars in bangkok the few places in Soi Cowboy that offer both blow job and hand job service to their guests.

Moonshine t is actually a go go bar though not the biggest one with just a handful of girls dancing on Bj bars in bangkok stage and a few more hanging out outside or around the bar. If you like one you can ask her over usually they come without you even asking and she will give you a hand job right in the bar or go upstairs for a blow job. The first bar you will see is Baccara to your right which is one of the best go go bars in Bangkok. Pass it and just after 20 meters Moonshine t is on the left.

Both bars have a seating area outside so you can have a drink at either place and see what girl you like. The blow jobs and hand jobs are done right in the bar and they also offer full sex service upstairs. For this you will have to pay the short time room rent of Baht plus the banging fee depending on the girl 1, to 2, Baht.

Just across Moonshine t on Soi Cowboy see above are another two small and shabby places that offer hand jobs to their customers. The girls there are young most of them well under 25 though a bit lazy dancing on the small stage that has just enough space for three girls. Some of the girls are really hot, the only thing that can be weird at Afterskool is the Thai manager, he is often around and tries to help you finding the right girl.

I know the girls in these bars tend to change more frequently than elsewhere, but I have checked several times during the past 6 months and the quality of girls has always been way above average. They give you the hand job anywhere you want in the bar, while you can touch their nice and firm asses, kiss them and watch the other girls at the same time — make sure they use oil for a better feeling. Kangaroo Club is a small but intimate place in Patpong Soi 1. You have to walk up the stairs to get to the entrance and if you do so the guy downstairs rings a bell so you will already be anticipated.

There is a small bar without windows for around five people which is surprisingly popular among some older expats. The big flat screen TV in the corner is showing porn movies nonstop. After about meters you will see Bj bars in bangkok Kangaroo Club to your left. One of the smallest blow job bars in Bangkok but definitely worth a visit.

Star of the Light has about five to seven girls working, most of them sitting on the chairs outside while waiting for customers. There is a small bar inside and two comfy sofas where the blow job service is performed. Location: Coming from Silom road, walk into Patpong Soi 2. After about 50 meters you will see Foodland supermarket to your right. Pass it and you will reach a strip of beer bars.

Turn right behind the first beer bar and you will see Star of the Light right opposite of it. If you go inside they will all line up in front of you and you can make up your choice. The blow job service is done on a leather chair in one of the small private rooms on the third floor. Your nurse or consultant washes your dick before and after to ensure a clean service. After passing the Aspira Hotel to the right continue walking for just about 30 meters and you will see Wood Bar to your right. There are three big tables surrounded by red sofas. How it works Most of the places have at least a small bar and seating area where you can have a drink before you go ahead choosing a girl for the blow job.

Some BJ bars are also offering short time sex service for a few hundred Baht more. Location: Right next to Moonshine t see above. Location: Magic Table is located right next to Wood Bar see above. Where To Do It. Best Free Thai Dating Site. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy Contact. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok .

Bj bars in bangkok

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8 Blowjob Bars in Bangkok – Including Map Locations