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For most, it might relieve some social media-induced stress, and for others has the ability to become a roadblock in their small business strategy. In times like these, we are here to lend a helping hand to those Birmingham businesses that suddenly find themselves offline. So, what happens when our s shut down and we are forced to take a breather? Check out how these free resources can make a difference in the Birmingham community.

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Birmingham is flourishing in the digital age. What happens when this all goes away and we are forced to communicate face to face?

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No better time to be prepared, Birmingham. Bham Now is here and can help you and your business navigate some ly uncharted waters. Bham Now is all about celebrating local. With over 4, events in our directory, this makes it easier than ever to choose something that peaks your interest.

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Whether you like outdoor activities or are better suited for indoor activities, our event calendar will have you looking for weeknight plans instead of your usual date with Instagram. Want to submit Birmingham wanting some company event? Best part? Add your event today. For those of us wanting to peruse the directory, check out our event calendar. Yes, you heard that correctly. Browse our local business guide.

Add your owncompletely free. For our nonprofit friends, your support matters even more. No matter what cause you are passionate about, your precious time and generous donations go a long way. Looking to get involved in a nonprofit?

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Good news, we have in our directory for you to choose from. Check out our nonprofit guide for all of the details. Add your nonprofit to our directory today for free. In need of a fun, free local roundup?

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Look no further than the Bham Now Newsletter. For our newer friends here, we send a daily newsletter out 5 days a week with the latest, buzziest Birmingham news. Want to be a part? No promises, though. Looking to further your business through the reach of Bham Now? Luckily, free resources like Bham Now has you covered by finding ways to tell the stories of locals and business owners alike.

This is one reason local media resources, like Bham Now, are important. We are a free digital resource available to anyone with cell service or Internet. Stay safe and stay informed, Birmingham. Let Birmingham wanting some company know how this Facebook and Instagram outage affected you on our Twitter.

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