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This story comes to you from Sahan Journala nonprofit newsroom dedicated to providing authentic news reporting about Minnesota's new immigrants and refugees. Sheeso Moua has always been on the lookout for the next big thing. But meeting Mai Thao in the Twin Cities shifted his focus from making a success of himself to making the Hmong community stronger and healthier.

Thao challenged him to use his tech savvy to help her take on Best hmong dating site culture of toxic masculinity that can lead to domestic abuse. Since launching more than a year ago, Moua and Thao have released more than 50 episodes of the hourlong program featuring Hmong men living across the United States.

The podcast, hosted in both English and Hmong, has covered topics including domestic violence, defining a healthy married life, challenging Hmong traditions, mental health, and how to break barriers in different industries. In the future, they dream about collecting stories in a book that would give young people some positive examples, while reaching Hmong communities outside the United States. Thao was recently removed from what she said was an emotionally and physically abusive relationship when the two met in the Twin Cities for coffee.

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They started talking about their passions, Thao said. Due to her experience and stories she heard from other women, domestic violence was an important issue for her. Her solution was creating a space where Hmong men could talk about how to improve their relationships with women and lead healthier lives. So she pushed him to step up.

Finding men willing to discuss it was a big enough problem that Moua took a monthlong break this past July.

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Meanwhile, Thao unleashed her inner detective, doing deep dives on Facebook and asking friends for recommendations. I know when we come on they might change their mind, because their story is out there and open. Pheng Thao, founder of Man Forwarda Minnesota-based organization working to end gender based violence by promoting equity and redefining masculinity, believes that it is important to understand the root causes of domestic violence in the Hmong community. Hmong culture grants Best hmong dating site privilege and power in the community and the household, he said.

This male privilege makes it challenging for Hmong families to intervene when domestic violence commences. They will say she needs to do this, with the consequence being that he needs to stop hitting her. In Hmong culture, men are believed to be holders of rituals and spirituality, which elevates their status.

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In contrast, women often find themselves trapped in dangerous relationships. Kab Zhua Vaj, the co-founder and co-executive director of Freedom Inc. Working as a domestic violence advocate for over a decade, Vaj believes that the patriarchal Hmong society needs to do a better job of supporting women. Hmong women who suffer domestic violence or get divorced may have no place to go, she said. Vaj thinks a podcast could be a great way to reach the Hmong community, but she also has some concerns.

Now, who is telling the story is really important. Pheng Thao, one of the first guests of the podcast, also thinks storytelling can be a powerful tool. Best hmong dating site should it be an excuse to drink excessively, he added. We need to make sure we are not putting blame on the women as well. As the podcast grows, Moua and Thao are thinking about how to provide additional services outside of the podcast to help Hmong men with their mental health and toxic masculinity.

To accomplish these lofty goals, both Moua and Thao recognize that they need to continue building their audience and telling stories with nuance and ability.

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There is an area in our community where we can help Hmong men. Moua, who moved to Minnesota last spring, is committed to challenging Hmong men to have vulnerable conversations about masculinity, Hmong tradition, relationships and growth.

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In the podcast he co-hosts, Sheeso Moua tries to break down patriarchal attitudes and behaviors in his community. Share Twitter Facebook. But finding men willing to go on the show has been a constant struggle. When Thao finds a match, she sets up a pre-interview with the guest and Moua. Support MPR News. Program Schedule Station Directory.

Best hmong dating site

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