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Thank you all. Thank you. Congressman, thank you for that kind introduction. I'm here for a couple of reasons. One, I always like to come to Maine. Sometimes I come to get instructions from my mother. Every time I've come, I've enjoyed being here. It's a beautiful place.

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I thank you for your hospitality. I thank you all for coming out. I thank you for your deep concern for our country and thanks for your participation in the political process. I'm here because there's no question in my mind, Kevin Raye will make a great United States congressman. I'm here because I have learned a lot about Susan Collins. There is no doubt in my mind, she is a great United States Senator. And for the sake of Maine and for the sake of the United States, you need to send her back to the Senate. I'm here because I firmly believe that Peter Cianchette will make a great governor for Maine.

I am here because I want to talk about how we can work together to make America a safer, a stronger and a better country. I mean a safer and stronger and better country for Republicans, for Democrats, for people who don't give a hoot about politics. First, I want to apologize and tell you, you drew the short straw -- Laura was tied up.

So you got stuck with me. I want to tell you, she's doing great. Many of you have -- some of you have told me, I bet many of you feel this way, that you say prayers for Laura and me and the family. I want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for that. It means a lot.

And we're doing well. You know, when I married Laura she was a public school librarian. A special breed, I might add. She didn't like politics, wasn't too keen on politicians either. Now here she is, the First Lady of the United States, and a fabulous one at that. She's calm, she's steady, she's got a great smile.

She cares deeply about our children. The people of the country now understand why I asked her to marry me. A lot of them are wondering why she said yes. But she sends her best, as do I, as do I to not only Susan Collins, but to a really fine lady who represents Maine, a United States Senator who's got a lot of class, a lot of wisdom, a lot of power, somebody with whom I enjoy working, somebody who is making a difference for America, and that is Olympia Snowe.

We've got a man up here who wants to be one of my mother and dad's congressmen. He's got him one in Houston, and he's got one in Maine, and he hopes to have a new one. And the guy's name is Steven Joyce, running for the U. My only advice, Steven, is that when you win, you make sure you answer their mail. Jane Staples, who is the national committeewoman for Maine.

I want to thank our high school choir and high school band who are here today. But most of all, I want to thank you all for coming. I want to thank the grassroots activists who are here. I want to thank the people who take time, who work hard to make sure that the democracy is strong. I want to thank you very much for your efforts on behalf of all candidates.

I want to thank you for what you have done, I want to thank you for what you're going to do, and that is to turn out the votes for these candidates on November 5th. I've worked closely with her. I've worked with her on key issues that face the country. You see, we passed a meaningful piece of education reform.

I want to describe to you right quick the key ingredients on this piece of legislation, and you'll understand why I'm so proud of the work that she did, along with Olympia. First of all, the bill challenges what I call the soft bigotry of low expectations. You see, what we understand is if you have low standards and low expectations, you're going to get lousy in our schools.

We must have a system that sets the highest of high standards. You must believe every child can learn. But also we believe you've got to trust the local people. See, we understand the people of Maine are more competent in charting Beautiful couple looking dating Bangor Maine path for excellence than the people in Washington, D. Susan Collins was Beautiful couple looking dating Bangor Maine in helping to write that part of the law. It tripled the amount of money available for reading programs. But, as importantly, it said we must base our reading programs on what works, not what sounds good; that there is a science to teaching children how to read; and that all across the country we must dedicate ourselves to making sure that we challenge that soft bigotry of low expectations by insisting that every single child in America becomes a Beautiful couple looking dating Bangor Maine reader.

I thank Susan Collins for her leadership on that issue. Not only -- not only -- not only did we insist upon high standards and local control of schools, we increased the amount of money available for education, the largest expenditure of federal dollars and education ever. But we also said, in return for receiving this new money, we expect you to deliver.

In return for money, we want to know whether or not our children are learning to read and write and add and subtract.

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And when we find out they are, we'll praise the teachers. And for those of you who are teachers out there, thank you, Beautiful couple looking dating Bangor Maine behalf of our collective hearts. It's a noble profession. But the reason we have demanded ability is because we want no child left behind.

When we find our children trapped in schools which will not teach, and schools which will not change, we better have the courage to challenge the status quo. Every child counts in America, and no child should be left behind.

Now, I appreciate Susan a lot. She has delivered on behalf of Maine and she has delivered on behalf of the country. I also appreciate her working on Medicare. You see, medicine has changed and Medicare hadn't. Medicare is modern -- medicine is modern and Medicare is stuck in the past. It needs to be changed. We need to make sure there is a prescription drug program for our seniors.

Susan Collins can get the job done on behalf of Maine, people in Maine. I like to say when you find a good one, you've got to send them back to office, and you've found a good one in Susan Collins.

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I'm proud to call her friend, and I hope you're proud to call her United States senator. I'm also proud to be here for Kevin Raye. He's going to make a fine congressman -- if for no other reason than he worked for Olympia Snowe for all these years. I appreciate his strong principles. I appreciate his good judgment. I appreciate his independent spirit. I appreciate his common sense. I look forward to working with him on doing what's right for Maine, and doing what's right for America.

He knows what I know, there's too much name calling in Washington, D. There's too much zero-sum politics. This is a man who's going to bring dignity to the office. He'll work with both Republicans and Democrats to get the job done. He's no-nonsense.

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He's also clear-eyed. He understands the threat the United States faces. He's not going to be one of these folks that is naive about the threats we face. I need somebody in Congress with whom I can work to make sure that we do the job of keeping America safe and strong, and that person is Congressman Kevin Raye.

And finally, you'd better get you a governor with whom we can work on this education reform. Somebody who's got one special interest in mind, and that's the children -- somebody who cares deeply about the children of the state, and that governor is going to be Peter Cianchette. He knows what I know -- education is to a state what national defense is to the federal government.

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The one priority of any governor must be the education of every single. I know he will challenge the soft bigotry of low expectations. I know he'll work with the teachers. I know he believes in local control of schools. I know he'll work with parents.

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And most importantly, I know he'll challenge failure when he finds it. Every child matters to Peter, and no child will be left behind. No, I want to thank you all for coming today, to give me a chance to tout these candidates.

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Again, I urge you to make sure you work hard to turn out the vote. Beautiful couple looking dating Bangor Maine counting on you. They're counting on you to go to the coffee shops, they're counting on you to go to the community centers, they're counting on you to talk it up. And make sure when you talk it up, just don't talk it up to Republicans.

There's a lot of Democrats who are wise enough to vote for these candidates. And make sure you talk it up with independents, and people who don't care. Turn them out to the polls. It's an important election, and we need these candidates to win. We've got some big challenges ahead of this country. That's why I've taken a keen interest in these elections. I look forward to having a Congress with which I can work to meet the challenges facing America. And we've got some big challenges.

It doesn't matter how big they are, as far as I'm concerned, though. See, there's nothing we can't accomplish in this country. This is the greatest country on the -- finest country on the face of the Earth. No doubt in my mind. One of the challenges we have is to make sure people can find work.

Beautiful couple looking dating Bangor Maine

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