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This article likely contains affiliate links. If you book through these links we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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Sometimes you may even save money through our links. We only share about companies we personally use and would recommend to our friends and family. We are grateful for your support! When you exit customs there are several options for transportation from Don Mueang International Airport into Bangkok City. Which is the best one? DMK Airport is located about 14km from Bangkok city center. Check out the best tours and activities in Bangkok. These taxis are regulated by the airport and they must use the meter.

Note that there is a 50Baht surcharge on top of the fare. Do not go with any companies or people who may offer you a taxi while you are walking toward the metered taxi stand. This is often a scam and much more expensive than the metered taxis! Note : There are several ATMs and places to change money on the way to the metered taxi stand. Going to Chiang Mai? Check prices for flights, buses, and trains. Depending on what time you get in, the lines for the metered taxis can be long, but they move consistently. There is a ticketing system where you take a then sit and wait for your to come up on the screen.

Keep your taxi ticket in case of any issues that arise. You do not need to give the ticket to the driver at any time. Follow the driver to the taxi and off you go! This can save a lot of time. There is free wifi that you can use while you are waiting in the metered taxi waiting area. As of Novemberthe Toll fees were Baht total 70 for one toll, 50 for the other. One way to save a bit of time if the metered taxi line is long is to head upstairs to the Arrivals level and catch a metered taxi that is dropping someone off there.

Heading to the Thai islands? Check prices on flight, buses, trains, and ferries. Grab is essentially the Uber of Asia. In fact, they bought out Uber all throughout Asia in You can download the Grab App before your trip and start using it right away when you arrive in Bangkok. The nice thing about Grab is you can put in your exact Bangkok dmk to city so your driver will know where to take you, ideally without any confusion. A Grab taxi from DMK to Bangkok city will cost anywhere from to Baht depending on how far your destination is.

Read: 5 Ways to make the most of your time in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The booking desk is between Gate in Terminal 1 and Gate 14 in Terminal 2. The Airport Limo Bus Express has air conditioning and wifi. The bus stop is just outside once you exit Customs. The bus makes a few stops. The last stop is Mo Chit and everyone must get out there. There are lockers about 30 meters from where the bus drops you at Mo Chit where you can store your luggage.

Do not leave anything valuable in the locker, like money, electronics or important documents. Walk across the street on the sky bridge and through or around the park. Want to go on a Bangkok food tour? If you are staying on Khao San Road then the cheapest way to get there from DMK airport is via the A4 bus, which is located at the same bus stop outside the airport as the A1 bus.

You can book online with a small fee or in person when you arrive at DMK for Baht. Power Nap Lounge is just across the street too Bangkok dmk to city below! Where are you heading next? Check out 12GoAsia to book tickets to your next destination within Asia. The distance between the airports is almost 50 kilometers about 30 miles Bangkok dmk to city can take anywhere from 45 minutes to over 2 hours depending on traffic.

Note that you will need to show your onward ticket out of BKK airport to be allowed on. The free shuttle runs from 5 am to midnight. The good thing about this option is you will know the cost of the ride ahead of time. We hope you find this article helpful!

If you notice any errors or have any corrections, please leave them in the comments or us directly at Jen at twocantravel dot com. Thank you! Nothing like good coffee, tasty food, and a nap when you first arrive in Bangkok. If you get into Bangkok too early to check-into your hotel, or are leaving in the late afternoon or evening, head to Power Nap Lounge to relax, nap, and store your luggage.

A majority of hotels in Bangkok have check-in after 2 pm and check-out at noon. There are various packages and options depending on your needs. It is a Bangkok dmk to city 5-minute walk from there. Power Nap Lounge is located inside the Interchange 21 building on B1 floor. Location on Google Maps. We contacted them to try out their services and think they are great for travelers when they first arrive or on their way out of Bangkok. Disclaimer : This article likely contains affiliate links. Is it your first time visiting Thailand?

Check out these top tips for things you need to know when traveling to Thailand! Heading to southern Thailand? Going to northern Thailand? Here are some articles to help you plan your trip:. Im a second timer in bangkok this january. But the future is bright — they plan to build an hi speed train from BKK through the city with stop DMK going further down to pattaya airport — in a couple of years. Hey Val, thanks for sharing.

Yes, it will be great when the sky train out to DMK is finished! Sounds like it will still be a couple of years from now Bangkok dmk to city what we have heard. If you do end up taking the train into the city please let us know how it goes. Hi there!

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Thank you for the useful post! Hi Ashley, good Bangkok dmk to city Worth mentioning that there is a railway station at the airport, which would suit the more independent traveler with a smaller amount of luggage. Fare to Bangkok main station, Hualamphong averages around 6 baht, and takes around 50 minutes. No frills but an interesting experience. At Hualamphong there is onward travel by MRT. The Chao Phraya river is less than fifteen minutes walk from the Hualamphong railway station with frequent river express boats.

I often use this method I have lived in Don Muang for over 12 years. Thanks so much for sharing this! Seems like an adventurous option for sure! That was Exactly what I was Googling for. Thank you State Railways of Thailand. Probably this may help for local travellers. We all know that Bangkok is super famous for its traffic during office leaving hours, especially Friday evening. A couple of years ago I was on my way to Don Muaeng by taxi and it was heavy traffic like not moving at all.

I thought I might miss my flight because I was waiting, waiting and waiting for a long time in the traffic jam.

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Finally, I got down from the taxi somewhere in the midway and took a motorbike. Finally, I reached DMK airport just before my check-in counter closed. Oh my goodness, thanks for sharing your story and glad you made it to the airport in time! Riding a motorbike on the highway must have been an adventure! Thanks for your comment, Medha! We hope this makes it a bit easier for people flying into DMK. I remembered the day we landed in Don Muang airport a couple of years ago on our visit to Bangkok.

I guess we opted for the metered cab to take us to our hotel in downtown Bangkok. We had a nice experience and though cannot remember the exact fare, it was quite reasonable. One of the things which are very important whenever you arrive at an airport is getting to the city.

It is always good to do your research when you get there the first time. Your post will be helpful to many who are landing at Don Mueang airport for the first time. Thanks Sandy! Glad to Bangkok dmk to city your experience with the metered cabs was easy.

If you are people then they are a great and affordable way to go for sure. Especially if you take the toll ro! Thanks for writing this super helpful post. We traveled Bangkok dmk to city the private taxi from Don Mueang and he actually charged us a good amount.

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Your tips and suggestions can help one decide and take a wise decision. This is such a helpful post! Thanks Marvi! So glad you found it helpful! We never would have tried that on our first visit to Bangkok. me up for the newsletter! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Comments hey there. Glad you had a good experience!

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