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There are several forms of ancient Asian massage still being practiced in the world today. Asian massage techniques are ancient healing rituals developed over the centuries in India and the Far East.

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Thai massage, shiatsu and asian massage are becoming more and more popular in the west as more people become interested in pilates, yoga and other more holistic forms of exercise and relaxation. Thai massage actually started in India.

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Sessions usually end with a ritualized final relaxation that most customers find intensely restful. By applying pressure to the body at certain key points, the acupressure therapist helps the body to activate its own self-healing abilities.

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Acupressure has been used for centuries to treat back pain, headaches and migraines, stress and anxiety. It is deeply relaxing and can have the added benefit of assisting the patient with weight management. Japanese Shiatsu is another type of massage developed in the Far East.

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It concentrates on energy rebalance and physical well-being using the thumbs, palms and fingers to apply pressure to certain areas of the body. Benefits of this type of massage include rebalancing of the bone system, enhanced circulatory function, maintaining balance of the nervous system and greater skin and muscle flexibility.

Indonesian Javanese massage is a system of massage that uses all parts of the hand, including the knuckles, to knead and massage Asian massage ryde muscles. Usually a massage oil is used to facilitate the therapy.

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This massage works on the muscles and nerves to relieve tension, back pain and aid in the healing of fractures. Of all of the Asian massages, this is the most robust, and the massage is often painful, although greatly beneficial in the long run. Whatever your preferences, there are many ancient Asian massage treatments to choose from.

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Explore your massage options by adding one of these interesting and beneficial massages to your health regimen.

Asian massage ryde

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