Any married ladies like to take a walk

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Carolyn Baber had been married to Daniel Baber for 16 years when she decided to walk away from the relationship in He refused, saying he was too busy, expressing his view of therapy with a litany of expletives. She tried again and again, amplifying his withdrawal and rejection.

So at 36, with two teenage daughters and a successful career as a radio station marketing executive, Baber filed for divorce. She asked her husband, for whom she felt no love anymore, to move out of Any married ladies like to take a walk home. She would find a more fulfilling relationship, she hoped, with someone else.

She borrowed the term from journalist Paul Akers, who coined it in a magazine article in which he explored why greater s of women file for divorce compared with men. Indeed, women have filed the majority of divorces since the s, said Andrew Cherlin, a sociologist at Johns Hopkins University. When the emotional gas tank re empty, said Weiner-Davis, a wife usually pursues her husband for more time and closeness. He hears requests for closeness or to see a therapist as nagging complaints, some of which are complaints or criticism, she said. The more a woman pursues her husband for emotional connection, she added, the more she inadvertently pushes him away.

In the walkaway-wife syndrome, leaving comes down to a lack of intimacy and a feeling that there is nothing waiting for them in the relationship. Years often pass while she hatches a plan, during which time she stops trying to save the marriage or connect with her husband, she said.

Besides, he said, since he had a degree in psychology, he felt he knew everything a therapist would tell him. When his wife announced she wanted a divorce, he was shocked, scared and devastated. Women who are walkaway wives feel justified in leaving because they think they have tried everything, but they have actually only said everything, said Weiner-Davis. Women are verbal; men are more responsive to action than to words.

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The real tragedy of the walkaway wife scenario is that when she files for divorce, when she has finally done something, he is moved to act, Weiner-Davis said. Sensitivity is more than situational. Rather, her hope is that women will find constructive ways to move their husbands to be more responsive.

Rare is the woman who has petitioned for divorce who will give her husband another shot. By that time, the walkaway wife is gone emotionally and physically. The only way a husband can wend his way back to her heart is if she will give him another chance and forgive him.

Carolyn Baber was just such a woman. Daniel Baber started seeing a marital therapist when he was served with divorce papers. Later, the couple saw the therapist together. After a two-month separation, they reunited; the divorce papers remained uned.

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It was a revelation. Now, instead of being critical, I can be appreciative of my wife and family.

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Any married ladies like to take a walk

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