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Ladies wants sex tonight Chandler Heights A sexy story. It turns me on a little. What's even better is when I get to hear feed back on what you all think Adult seeking nsa Roanoke Louisiana 70581 it. I want to hear it. Especially if it made you wet. This is what I want to do to you. I want pick you up in the afternoon and grab something to eat. Get to know each other a little. And then I want to find a decent hotel to spend the night.

No interruptions, no one else. Just us for a very long night. Once we're in the room I grab you with my arm around the small of your back as soon as the door is closed. Press you up against a wall and devour your mouth. I want to make your toes curl and make you moan in pleasure before you even take off any clothes. I want my fingers in your hair and down your neck and chest and along your flanks until they rest on your hips.

You twine your arms around my neck as I lift you up. You wrap your legs at my waist as I carry you to the bed. You yank me down to the bed without breaking the kiss. My shirt almost rips as you yank it off. Nibbling on your throat I make you groan as I slowly unbutton your top. Too slowly. With a squeeze of your hips you let me know you're impatient.

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It's when you catch my lower lip with your teeth that I cave, and tear it off. The little white tank you've got underneath goes with it. I kiss and nibble my way down to your chest. You shudder as I run my tongue along the soft, sensitive flesh between them.

I knead your breasts as I kiss my way down your stomach to your belt. I struggle to undo it as you're already trying to wriggle out of your jeans. I Adult seeking nsa Roanoke Louisiana 70581 a hand on your pussy through your underwear. I begin to rub in slow circles around your clit as you free my cock from my pants. I'm kneeling beside me on the bed as your hand slowly begins to work from the base to the tip. One of my palms is pinching your left nipple as you take it into your mouth.

Just to be fair I move my hand down between your thighs, pull the crotch of your panties to the side, and slip a finger inside you. Your deep throated moan only whispers pass your lips. I feel it. And you can tell. But turnabout is fair play. Gently, I push you off of me, sighing as I pop out of your mouth. You lie back and grin wickedly as I stroke your inner thighs.

You run a hand through my hair as I position myself to return the favor.

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Slowly at first, and then with increasing urgency I begin to lick and suck at your clit. You moan and sigh as you press your hips into me. I slip a finger inside you again, And I make the come hither motion to hit your G-spot. As I do you cry out loud in pleasure. I don't stop. I keep going. Keeping you just at the edge of climax and never sending you over. I keep you there moaning and groaning and rubbing on the pieces of me that you can get too for long minutes.

And finally your moans and caresses are just too much, and I can't hold back. I stand and kick out of the rest of my clothes. You squirm up closer to the edge of the bed while I do, and you tear the wrapping of the condom as I finish undressing.

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I let you put it on. Then I rub the underside of my cock along your slit before putting the head in. Your hands are on my shoulders as you beg me to thrust it deep. I don't. I stand over you and watch you gasp and beg as I give it to you a little deeper with each, slow, steady, thrust. Deeper inch-by-inch.

Until finally I thrust completely inside of you. You're already so wet. We share a kiss as I begin to move inside you. I start out going slow and deep. I pull out almost all the way and watch you sigh. I press it home and watch you gasp. Your eyes are sparkling with lust. And then at your Adult seeking nsa Roanoke Louisiana 70581 I begin to go hard and fast. You scratch your nails down my back and along my ribs as you demand I go harder and deeper.

I oblige. I'm not in charge anymore.

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The last thing I get to do is take your hand and put it at your pussy, making you play with your clit while I fuck you. I get a little harder and a little faster with every thrust. You grab me tight and close as you build back up to release. I start to pull almost all the way out of you before slamming all the way back in.

The sound of our flesh meeting is drowned out by the sound of your pleasure, as you urge me on. You twine your legs just below my ribs lifting your wonderful ass and your pussy off the Adult seeking nsa Roanoke Louisiana 70581 to meet me. There is nothing to drown out the sound of us now as you bite into my shoulder. And finally after what seems like forever you arch your back suddenly. You hips splay and fall back to the bed.

On the down thrust I don't stop fucking you, and you wrap your legs around and drive your heels into my ass. You break our kisses as you throw your head back. And your whole body goes rigid. And you come hard. I look into your eyes as they roll back into your head as you attain release. And still I continue to fuck you and kiss you and knead your breasts and run my hands along your whole body. I keep doing it until you relax Adult seeking nsa Roanoke Louisiana 70581 you come down off your orgasm.

Only then to I go still. My cock is still in you when you begin to move your hands along my body and your eyes flutter open. I lean my head down and kiss you. Looking in my eyes with a wicked smile you ask me if I have anything left. I give you one tiny little twitch of my hips in response, and lean down to take one of your nipples in my teeth. As I do you squeeze me with the muscles in my pussy, making me gasp out loud. Still inside you, I pick you up and lie back, on top of me. I promise to make you cum several more times before morning.

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Adult seeking nsa Roanoke Louisiana 70581

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