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The Basic and Transitional Studies program is still here for you, and working online and remotely. Students will be able to function independently, participate more fully in a global economy, and exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

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The Adult Basic Education program offers several options to help students meet their career and college readiness goals. These students are 16 years or older and may or may not have a high school diploma.

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This course is not Adult Bellevue online to take the exam but offers skills and knowledge to better prepare students for the exam. This is a good option for students who do not wish to take the Washington state high school exams and do not want to wait until they are 21 to receive a high school diploma from Bellevue College.

This program is for students who are 18 years or older and do not have a high school diploma.

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Students who complete this program will receive a high school diploma from Bellevue College once they are 21 years or older. Accessibility Emergency alerts Privacy notice Public disclosure Website info We are an equal opportunity institution.

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