A honeymoon is over

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The high you get from being in the honeymoon phase of a relationship can make you feel like you've finally found "The One. So how can you tell if your partner is truly your person? According to experts, your partner's post-honeymoon phase behavior can clue you in. There are many red flags and dealbreakers that only pop up once the honeymoon period is over, like major incompatibilities and how your partner responds to conflict. These are things that tend to unfold A honeymoon is over time.

But it's equally important to observe the positive things about your partner once the honeymoon phase has ended. According to experts, if your partner does the following things after the honeymoon phase is over, you may have found "The One.

That means, they'll keep A honeymoon is over at the relationship, they'll prioritize romance, and they'll find ways to hold on to the love you have for each other. They know relationships need nurturing to last and they'll keep putting in the effort to make things work. Whether they're feeling happy and in love or sad and hurt, your partner should be OK with sharing their feelings with you after the honeymoon phase has ended. If you want to have a strong emotional bond with your partner, it's essential for them to be vulnerable and open up.

In the early stages of your relationship, it's common to put only the very best version of yourself on display. But that can only last for so long.

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Once the honeymoon phase is over, Zink says your partner should be completely comfortable being their authentic self around you if they're really "The One. We all have our little habits, quirks, and behaviors that can annoy other people. When the honeymoon period ends, it's easier for you and your partner to start noticing these things about each other.

If they get annoyed or try to force you to change, Shane says, this doesn't bode well for the future of the relationship. Another thing to look for after the honeymoon phase has ended is how your partner deals with conflict and miscommunication. At the start of a relationship, it's common to want to text, call, and see each other all the time. But as you get more comfortable with each other, that can start to fade a bit. But if your partner A honeymoon is over you as if they're still trying to "woo" you, that's a good. During the honeymoon phase, couples tend to be on their best behavior.

For instance, you're more likely to respond to messages right away, and you're less likely to cancel on dates last minute.

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Consistency is a big deal if you value stability in your relationship. The early stages of a relationship are great, but you can only stay in that bubble for so long. That's why paying attention to your partner's post-honeymoon phase behavior is important.

If they keep working at the relationship, do things that make you feel like a priority, and remain consistent, you may have found "The One. By Kristine Fellizar. See All Health Relationships Self.

A honeymoon is over

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