123 flash chat server

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Note : The application is discontinued so it will not receive any further updates and it can no longer be 123 flash chat server. However, you can still download and install an older version of Flash Chat from Softpedia and use it with the limitations listed on this. Adding chat functionality to a website sounds like a task that can be carried out only by programming and web de professionals, but there are some applications that can turn it into a job for regular users. The installation procedure might take a while due to the fact that it is a quite sizable package but in a matter of minutes everything should be in place and ready to go.

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Accessing Flash Chat can be done from any web browser, as long as the server component is initialized. The interface is nicely polished and it comes with all the necessary features to give the exact feel of an online chat service.

Besides providing a live sample of how the chat will look like when integrated in the website, Flash Chat can be used to create a personalized solution that is ready to publish.

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There are many types of clients that can be created with this tool and in numerous styles, so it is basically a matter of personal taste when opting for a layout or another. For those who want to use social s to the chat rooms, this option can be activated and tweaked in detail.

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In a similar manner, the settings for virtual currency, client, room, server or user management can be configured with ease. All things considered, Flash Chat is indeed one of the solutions to take into consideration when trying to find the best chat building tool.

The tremendous amount of customizations it offers could very well satisfy the requirements of the most demanding users and it is definitely worth a shot. A practical, reliable and effective software solution whose main purpose is to help users add a chat room to websites like dating sites or social networking services.

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New in Flash Chat User interface is comprehensively upgraded with a total of 16 skins now and each one meticulously redeed. More flexibilities are implemented that you can customize yourself the skin with new backgrounds in just 3 minutes or resort to a skin customization service which can be done in only 3 hours comparing to 3 days in the past! HTML5 client is further upgraded with abundant new features. Read the full changelog.

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123 flash chat server

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Flash Chat Server